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Top Software Programs Every Small Business Should Use

Updated on January 3, 2014

The Road To Small Business Success

Most small businesses start out with only the basics needed.
Most small businesses start out with only the basics needed. | Source

Just A Question...

Do you want to operate the most cost-effective, smoothly-running small business possible? Here are four software programs that can help:

Top 4 Programs To Consider...

1. OpenOffice (Apache) - Running a small business can prove expensive enough without having to shell out a big chunk of money for multiple copies of Microsoft Office Suite. Fortunately, you can obtain a full-featured productivity suite absolutely free of charge. Apache OpenOffice provides word processing, spreadsheet, presentation, graphics and other programs, all open-source and compatible with just about every language used in today's global environment. Install as many copies as you need, convert documents into Microsoft-friendly formats, and enjoy saving all that money.

2. QuickBooks (Intuit) - Speaking of money, any small business that earns, banks or spends needs a reliable way to record, track and categorize those transactions. Quickbooks offers comprehensive accounting software tools that help you follow your cash flow, figure your taxes, generate all kinds of reports, manage payroll functions -- it even makes it possible for you to process credit card payments instantly. The current version of Quickbooks also syncs with a variety of Apple and Android mobile devices so you can do your accounting on the run. (But don't worry, the software also includes measures to protect your sensitive information.)

More About Accounting Software

Accounting Software

QuickBooks takes the agony out of accounting.
QuickBooks takes the agony out of accounting. | Source

Keep Things Fast & Orderly

3. PDF Converter Pro (Nuance) - With all the tasks that require your attention every day in your small business, few bottlenecks grind your work to a halt quite like dealing with a PDF file that refuses to be dealt with. If you need to manipulate that document instead of just looking at it, then you need PDF Converter Pro. This program not only allows you to create your own PDF files quickly and easily from almost any other file format, but it also converts PDF files into such common formats as Excel, Word, WordPerfect, PowerPoint and XPS. Even better, it allows you to type and make changes directly within the PDF document format. PDF Converter Pro requires Windows, but Nuance also offers a version for Mac OS.

4. Backup (Symantec)- Many a small business has had to close for good following a disastrous loss of critical data. Don't let it happen to you! Symantec Backup provides both local and cloud-based data backups and disaster recovery, 24 hours a day, with versions available for desktops and servers alike. Customize the degree and scope of the program's backups to suit individual users or departments, and/or perform global backups of everything the company holds dear.

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Symantec Backup

Backup offers "always-on" protection.
Backup offers "always-on" protection. | Source


Software programs may not guarantee the success of your business - we all know that your ultimate success hinges on many things. And of course, when it comes to software programs available we've just scratched the surface, but these suggestions should take you a long way toward a safer and more productive small business. Why not give them a try and see for yourself?

Work Smarter - Not Harder!

Use software programs to make your work easier!
Use software programs to make your work easier! | Source

What About You?

What types of software programs do you use in your small business?

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    • profile image

      W-Reynolds 4 years ago

      That's interesting - I would like to know your issues with clouds.

      Thanks for the comment!

    • profile image

      mts1098 4 years ago

      I use quicken home and business but stay away from clouds...cheers