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Top Three Elements of an Outstanding Resume

Updated on September 16, 2011

There are millions of people that are out of the job right now and nearly just as many that are seeking new careers. This best the question "how do I make my resume stand out?"

Blasting your resume to hundreds of employers may land you a job through sheer numbers but wouldn't that time be best spent finding a job you want ?

This article will take you through three of the top ways to create an outstanding resume that will be sure to get noticed and land you that job/career you've been eyeing all along.

Element #1: Personalization

An employer doesn't want to be bombarded by thousands of resumes that have been blasted out as part of an automated process such as what you'd find on job search websites - they want to find employees that will fit into their business and bring the skills they need to get the job done.

The best way you can get your resume noticed is by personalizing it so it speaks directly to the employer. What I mean is that your resume needs to share the skills and experiences that best apply to the job you're applying for - there's no reason to put down that you've flipped burgers if you're applying for a high-skill job. Create your resume so it shares which skills fit perfectly for the business you're applying for.

Likewise, speak directly to the employer by explaining how your skills can fit into a business by using the business name or the employer you're speaking to; everyone takes notice when they see their name to take advantage of grabbing their attention.

Element #2: Get on the Inside

Take some time to make friends with someone that's inside the business; Facebook and Twitter is a great way to catch a person's attention for the business you wish to apply for.

Of course, don't abuse the employees trust but ask them, politely, if they could put in a good word for you or even submit the resume with their endorsement.

You could even contact a few friends that may know people in the HR department that could give you a better chance of your resume getting read more readily than people blasting theirs to the company through the recommendation.

Element #3: Easy-to-Read Formatting

The person that will be reading your resume doesn't want to dig through pages and pages of pure text which is why you should do a bit of formatting so the person can easily scan through your resume to find the skills and experiences they're seeking without a hassle.

Break up your resume by headings and enough spacing between each sections. Use bullet points and italics to grab the attention of the employer.

Have your contact information front and center so the employer doesn't have to second guess on how to get in contact with you. Don't chance it when it comes to having your resume read by overloading it with text - make it easy-to-read and to the point.

Additional Thoughts and Suggestions

I know that you may be under a lot of stress when it comes to landing a job or career. A lot of people haven't ever written their own resume and it may have been years since you've been job searching.

The best advice I could give you is to bring you "A" game with every business you're applying to. Spend the extra 10 - 15 minutes to create an outstanding resume that 'pops' out at the employee instead of just shooting hundreds out trying to find anything that fits.

You can do it; just put in the time.

If you're interested in learning more job hunting tips, take a visit to

Share your own resume writing tips below.

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