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Top Websites Offering Writing Jobs

Updated on November 29, 2012

Writing jobs have become one of the most in demand freelance online jobs. As a junior writer, I have dreamed to land a reputable online writing job which could market my skills and knowledge in the field. As I run a research on the best and legit websites offering writing jobs, I came out with the list below. Please feel free to leave your experiences with each of the site, if any.

1. Elance – This is an outsourcing company for professionals offering various services such as writing, design, data entry, and customer services. A large number of companies use Elance as a place to seek for the appropriate contractor to finish a task.

2. Guru – Guru serves both businesses and freelancers. They have a simple system which filters specific freelancers which a certain business needs. Their system has also installed a safe paying system to secure both the freelancer and the employer.

3. ScriptLance – According to research, this site is recorded as the most popular site for freelancers around the world. Their statistics since 2004 reached to over 3 million job posts, 6 million verified users, and 663 million dollars worth of paid contracts.

4. oZLance – oZLance company serves at Australia but also accepts freelancers worldwide. Freelancers fees are also cheaper here but if you are just starting yet, it could be enough.

5. Freelance Writing – This site has links to relevant websites offering writing jobs. It is also conducting contests for write ups.

6. Journalism Jobs – The site is installed with a system where you can search any journalism job keyword that matches your profile. It has also an add resume feature to add color to your profile. It has provided freelancers who wrote for the Times, USA Today, Dallas Morning News and many other companies.

7. Constant Content – This is a great platform for writers to start writing and get paid. You will join the group, write articles and post and get chosen. Once you have established a good reputation, you will then have the chance to be counted as one of those in the Writer’s Pool and be the one to select your own preferred client.

8. Reviewme – You will be joining this site by creating your own site and post reviews in it. Once approved, the reviewme website will enter the market and the clients will buy your reviews. It is up to you to accept their offers.

9. eHow – eHow is a portal for users who are mainly asking for “How to’s” for such projects or help materials on bought equipments. You will register as one who answers clients questions and you will earn depending on how the readers will rate your posts.

10. Helium – Helium is a place where internet users read opinions on certain topics. You may write an article about a certain topic and the readers will rate it according to how good and helpful it is. Your earnings will depend on how high your articles’ rates are.

These are so far the most helpful websites you could visit in order to try your luck. Bring out the best in you and write as many as you can and be heard. Remember, there is no easy money in writing but once you established a good profile and create a presentable resume online, you’ll definitely land your dream job. Good luck


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    • DDE profile image

      Devika Primić 4 years ago from Dubrovnik, Croatia

      Awesome list of jobs for the online worker, and you have the idea about each one which is great too.

    • JBTownsend profile image

      Jeff Townsend 5 years ago from Anchorage Alaska

      This information is spot on and very helpful and thank you for sharing, I enjoy writing (have been doing professional interviews for 11 years) and think this might be my niche...thanks...Jeff

    • healthylife2 profile image

      Healthy Life 5 years ago from Connecticut, USA

      Thanks so much for sharing this information. HP is the first place I've written online and it's nice to know there are other options. It's been five months and I'm still enjoying the experience so I will probably be doing it for a while. It might be fun to venture into other writing sites so I appreciate the information. Voted up!

    • charlynjune profile image

      Charlyn June 5 years ago from Philippines

      You're welcome.. Thanks too for dropping by..

    • shiningirisheyes profile image

      Shining Irish Eyes 5 years ago from Upstate, New York

      Thanks for the review of on-line writing jobs. Very interesting.

    • charlynjune profile image

      Charlyn June 5 years ago from Philippines

      That is very nice of you adding more details on how Elance works.. Congratulations too for the earnings..

    • charlynjune profile image

      Charlyn June 5 years ago from Philippines

      Hi, there.. most of all, I want to thank you for dropping by.. Well, I did some research on the sites above and found those sites the most wanted or shall I say most recommended freelance writing sites by users.. I have tried Odesk too but did not yet earn that much. Odesk is definitely free to use too.. I recently joined Elance for free..Still not familiar with it though..

      Thanks again. Got to visit your site..

    • jsovermyer profile image

      jsovermyer 5 years ago from Hitchcock, TX

      You don't have to pay for Elance. I have been writing for them for about 6 months now and there is no membership fee for the general membership. I've made about $300 on 5 jobs. I only do it part-time and the extra cash comes in handy.

    • RichieMogwai profile image

      Richie Mogwai 5 years ago from Vancouver

      Thanks for a very informative hub. I had an account with Elance and Guru a long time ago, but I gave it up. Because the way these two work, you pay for your membership in order to be able to bid on writing projects. iFreelance has the same format, but the membership fee is cheaper and I got more writing projects.

      I joined Helium at about the same time I joined HP. I am still submitting works to Helium because approval is instantaneous. Quality control is stricter, but they don't let writers suffer. If they find that there is something wrong with the article, the fact checker brings it down and tactfully advises the writer to make the changes.