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Capitalize On Your Trade Show Exhibit Through Preparation

Updated on October 5, 2017
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Raya has more than 10 years of experience in business development & supports fast-growing start-ups or established businesses.

An investment that pays off when you are well prepared!

Exhibiting at a trade show pays off significantly with only one prerequisite in mind - preparation. The benefits to your business are numerous - a greater exposure, getting your spot-on target audience acquainted with your new products, announcing new portfolio development & growth, more brand awareness, credibility, and you name it. An exhibition provides you with a strong and influential platform for meeting new customers, following up with existing clients, and building long-lasting relationships. Reaching far beyond the obvious networking potential, trade shows can also be an excellent place to keep up the good pace and learn new practices or check on the trend-setters.

Before the Event

Preparation is key!
Preparation is key!

What do you wish to achieve?

The kick-off meeting with your team should answer several key questions, the most important of which is 'What goals do you set for this particular trade show?'.

Then you should consider whether the profile of the trade show, its visitors and reputation are matching your plans and ambitions. Exhibiting is quite expensive. Therefore, you should make sure that you are devoting resources - both personnel and money, towards the right platform.

Who could you entrust with your ambitious goals with?

Your team should be immaculate - from knowing all the features of your product and being able to explain them in a soft and charismatic way to the last detail of their corporate outlook. As these are your most passionate brand ambassadors, make sure you equip them with state-of-the-art tools. Prepare a list of potential questions and queries. Create a short and sharp pitch deck and practice in advance. Treat every attendee as this is your biggest customer.

How to get noticed?

You should communicate, scream and shout that you are exhibiting at XYZ show. Do not assume that your target audience will be there. Instead, proactively invite them. Write invitations to your customers. Send the old-fashioned postcards. Sign them personally. Propose to grant them access cards. Write in social media. Create posts, add images, make sure your exact location, booth number, dates and all crucial data are always in a well visible place. Put banners in your signature. Invite as many people as possible – your current customers, your followers, your prospects.

How to position yourself strategically

Think about the place of your booth - should it be among the start-ups or blue chips companies, in your geography or in your dream target area?
Think about the place of your booth - should it be among the start-ups or blue chips companies, in your geography or in your dream target area?
Prepare your top-notch hand-outs! They will help you big time after the show when the visitors take a moment to recapitulate.
Prepare your top-notch hand-outs! They will help you big time after the show when the visitors take a moment to recapitulate.

Success at trade shows is an easy formula: 0% luck, 100% preparation

Be outstanding during the trade show and FOLLOW UP.

© 2017 Raya Drenski


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