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Training and Jobs for Sound Engineering Technicians

Updated on January 27, 2012

Sound engineering technicians work with recording and related equipment. There are specific college-level courses around the country that can prepare someone for this occupation. Employers include the music, film and television industries.

Technicians in sound engineering are those guys you often see on TV in a music studio, adjusting those sound controls on a mixing board. This job can provide a pretty good salary, and it does not require an advanced education. There are several certificate or associate's degree programs for sound engineering.

The Bureau of Labor Statistics estimated that workers in this occupation were earning about $47,000 in May of 2010. At that time, there were about 15,000 full-time sound engineering technicians. There are several others that own and operate their own local or even home studios as a business. These guys would not necessarily show up in these statistics because they perform their craft for local musicians on a part-time basis. In other words, sound engineering technology can also be done on the side in your local area if you have appropriate space to put a music studio.

Schools that teach sound engineering technology typically use a different term to describe the degree program. The terms "broadcast technology," "audio production," and "audio design" are often used. You may utilize the list of degree programs at the Education-Portal website to find relevant training programs. The state of Missouri found that over 40% of those working as a sound engineering technician had an associate's degree. Some had bachelor's degrees, and only about 20% found a job without a college degree.

The five biggest employer categories for sound engineering technology are the motion picture/video industry, music recording industry, radio and television industry, performing arts companies, and independent artists.


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