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Transfer email to Google mail from 000webhost

Updated on March 3, 2011

000webhost email

If you are using the free hosting from you may feel, as I did, that the email they have isn't great. You have to log in through the 000webhost and then emails don't come through very efficiently ( I tested and could take ages for a simple email to come through). So I wanted to move my email across to google mail busiesses.

The First thing to do is search free google business mail and get the free system they offer (they have a paid version). Enter your domain details and then the fill in all your other details, ie name and business name, etc. Once this is done you will need to verify your ownership of this domain (mine for example is In Google apps it will ask you to verify your account through a number of ways. I use joomla to the easiest for me was to upload a HTML file in my website, I recommend this.

To do this using either the file manager provided by 000webhost or filezilla (as I did) download the link google mail gives you to save (when selected which method to use to verify) then save it into the public_html file folder. Then click on the link provided by google mail (mine was ) and it should open your site with a line of text reading something like "google-site-verification: google2c830ab694a6e6ed.html" Then if this shows up go back to google mail page you were on there should be 2 buttons below reading "verify" and "Do this later"........quite simply click "verify".

Now to activate the email:

Log into 000webhost members area. Go to the control panel. Scroll down and locate Modify MX records, this should be in a box titled it. It should tell somewhere near the bottom of the page "MX entry for this domain is currently set to 'your website details'" In the box above that it reads New MX Record and then a box to enter information and an update button.

In the box enter > ASPMX.L.GOOGLE.COM.  < just the writing from the capital A to the end and include the dot and ignore the arrows. Once entered click update!

Essentially that is it. Go to the google apps main page and there should be links to the apps. There will be one for Email and it may read verifying or updating. This may take up to 24 hours it reads but mine was active 10 minutes later.

Hope this helps


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    • profile image

      craig 4 years ago

      you have to pay for it now with gmail since dec 2006

    • profile image

      Aciggemaigmef 5 years ago

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