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Transitioning to a Home Based Job With Less Jitters

Updated on October 14, 2019
Sybil Nighs profile image

Being a teacher opened a lot of possibilities for me to go to home-based jobs full time.

What Are Your Sources of Income?

Transitioning to another job can be painless if you prepare enough for it.

First, check if you have more than one source of income. Find something to complement your full time job. It could be online selling which you can do after work hours. It can also be selling home baked goods in a weekend market. To help in your transition, while you are still employed full time, start having another complementary part-time job.

What Are My Skills?

Finding a complementary job is easy. Step back and make a review of yourself. Ask yourself what are you good at? Are you good in cooking? Taking care of dogs? Sewing? Social media marketing? Blogging? Make a list of your skills and choose a skill that can generate some income for you.

The idea is to have another source of income while you are employed full time.

What Are My Interests?

If you cannot think of any skill, then think about your interests. What do I like to do in my spare time? If you like watching You Tube, you might want to enroll in a certificate course on video making. This certificate will be very valuable in looking for gigs later on.

Invest in yourself. Spend money on classes and courses that can help increase your skills. These skills will help in getting the best paying homebased job later on.

How Much Do I Need To Live?

Once you are earning enough in your complementary job, make an assessment on how much you need to live on. You have to know how much you spend on your rent or mortgage, food, utilities,recreation,insurance and others. Having a fully paid house will surely make your transition to a home based job easier.

Once you know the figure, save some money from your full time job enough to cover expenses for 3 months. Having some money stashed somewhere will save you from unnecessary worries when you shift to your home based job.

How Many Home Based Jobs Do I Need?

Since not a lot of home based jobs pay enough, it might be good to explore other sources of income to cover all your expenses.

One can combine online teaching with online selling. Try different job combinations. The idea is to have enough sources of income. An online job plus a weekend selling stint in a farmer's market is surely interesting (you get to meet people on weekends!)

Consider too some passive income sources like advertisements in blogs, if you are into blogging.

When Do I Go Full Time With My Home Based Job?

Once you have enough money saved and your home based job is earning enough, then, it is the right time to quit your job and stay home!

To enjoy your home based job, make sure you have cleared out a space in your home for your home based work. Have a specific place in your home where you can do your home based job enjoyably and efficiently.

How Do I Ensure Enjoyment Of My Home Based Job?

Now that you will be staying 24/7 at home, make sure you find time for the following things:

1. Reward yourself for milestones in your home based job. Go out and treat yourself in a good restaurant or do some shopping.

2. Make time at least once a week to meet with your friends. Staying home 24/7 can be very routinary. You wouldn't like to feel cooped up at home.

3. Find time to do some physical exercises to maintain your health.

4. Give yourself breaks-walk outside, eat some snacks or have a refreshing drink.

5. Don't forget to schedule your 'vacation leaves'. Arrange to go out of town or the country too. A home based job surely makes it easier to schedule vacations.

6. Follow a schedule. A schedule ensures your productivity.

What Are The Perks of Having A Home Based Job?

The number one perk is definitely being your own boss. You don't have to answer to anyone.You work according to your standards and terms.

Second, you own your time. No more worries on being late or filing for undertime.

Third, no more guilt feelings on not having time for your family or yourself.

Lastly, you can control your expenses more. Now you don't have to worry about rising gas prices or daily lunch and snacks expenses.


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