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Tube Ice Maker: A New Idea to Earn

Updated on April 6, 2019
dhakaakbar profile image

By profession, he is an IGCSE English Language Teacher, a teachers' trainer, and a creative writer.

If you are running a business that you need ice every day to package your goods to send to the customers. Do you buy ice from other vendors? Why don’t you buy a tube ice maker to run your own business smoothly without hassle to deal with the vendor for your daily ice need?

Do you want to invest? No, we are not telling you to invest in any trading. You can invest in your own business to earn. Why don’t you start a business just by setting up a tube ice maker to produce ice and sell them? In return, you will earn.

The Necessity, the background

If you go back to the ancient time, the urge for ice was tremendous and people had to bring ice from a different source with a lot of hardship. Certainly, you are aware that in summer the urge for ice raises high. The demand for ice is now high without any doubt. From hospitals to the superstores, ice is the must.

Luckily, we are now in the 21st Century meaning, discoveries and inventions make our life easy and comfortable. Yes, we can easily get ice now from the refrigerators. But for our other needs, besides household regular works, we need ice like sending some goods, fishes or other things which need ice protection to preserve these, we need ice to pack such things. Can our refrigerator alone supply these increasing demands of ice? Can we rely on our refrigerator alone?

Obviously, ‘No’ will be the answer. This is why the need to produce a huge amount of Ice in a very short period of time becomes the most important factor. A lot of well-known companies are now offering to buy machines which produce a large amount of ice in a very short time.

The Tube Ice Machine, a great invest indeed

There are different types of machine that can produce a large amount of ice in the shortest possible time. Among all types of machines now available in the market, the Tube ice maker is the best one to buy. You may ask, why?

Well, these tube ice makers produce a large number of ice compared to other types of the ice maker. It is easy to operate. It is convenient. It consumes less power supply. Furthermore, the parts of such tube ice maker are cheap and available in the market. It will give you less pain if it stops working because it’s easy to repair. The tube ice machine works are similar to a shell and tube condenser with the water on the inside of the tubes and the refrigerant filling the space between the tubes. The machine is operated automatically on a time cycle. And the tubes of ice are released by a hot gas defrost process. It takes less space to set up. So easily you can set up any corner of your place.

It depends on your requirement how much tons you want to produce within 24 hours. 1, 3, 5, 10, 20 and 30-ton ice maker tubes are available in the market. Even there are customized machines also that you can order to the factories. So depending on your requirement, you can select which ton ice maker tubes you are going to buy. The agent of the machine you can easily get to discuss for ideas. Discuss them on your requirement. Do some depth research on the net if necessary.

Each of us after retirement do expect to do something to open a new door to earn. If you are retired and planning to start something to start to earn, why don’t you start setting up tube ice maker? Every month, you can earn in the easiest way and can enjoy the vacation with your loved ones with the earning from such easy, yet friendly and caring machine. It is your friend because it will take care of you to earn every month.

Every businessman hopes to start a side income besides his own business. Are you running any business? Do you need a side business? Why don’t you set up the tube ice maker in your business place? Yes, you can earn from these machines besides your business. I have already mentioned that it requires less space to set up this superb machine. Isn’t it superb? Yes, it is giving you a good return, indeed.

Every young has a dream to make it true. Are you looking for a job? Still, you have not got your desired job? Why will you sit idle? Buy this tube ice maker to start your own business. After you get your desired job, this machine will add you for extra income. Yes, you can spend a lot on your vacation by earning from this machine. Yes, this machine will make you smile. Yes, this machine will open a new door in your life.

You may claim that I’m trying to peruse you to buy the machine, and I am not giving you any ideas about how you will start your business. Let me give you a simple idea like simple math in our life.

Do a little survey from your surroundings. Find out who needs every day ice for their packaging. Visit superstores near you. Make a list. Then ask them if you deliver the same amount of ice to them at the same price, will they take from you? If the answer is yes. You have solved the math. If the answer is no. No worries!

Plan a strategy of how you can impress them. Add some extra benefits for them that they are not getting from the previous suppliers. Yes, now the idea clicked on your mind, I see.

In fact, we all have dreams. But all cannot fulfill the dreams because of not taking proper steps in a proper time. Will you sit idle? Or you will act. It’s all now depends on you.


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