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Types Of Interviews

Updated on October 22, 2011

An interview is the act of a conversation between two people or group of people in which on party (the interviewer) evaluates, interrogates or judges the other party (interviewee) to check whether or not they are suitable for a particular job or a task.

An interview can be of many types and one must be aware and prepared for all the kinds of interviews before being subjected to one.

Below given are some common types of interviews:

Face To Face or One To One Interview

In this type of interview the interviewee is interviewed by a single person. This interview is the most common type of interview. In such an interview the interviewee has to impress only one person to get a job or the task.

This interview can be difficult or easy depending upon the confidence and the intelligence level of the interviewee.

In this interview the interviewee must be smart and impressive enough to get the interviewer going as impressing one person is easy as compared to many, but it requires certain skills.

Group Interview

The group interview is the interview in which a set of interviewees are interviewed by one or more interviewers. This interview is common in technological fields where group work is required.

The purpose of this interview is not only to judge the intelligence of the interviewees but also their ability to work together in a group.

All the applicants for work in such an interview may be asked a common question or may be divided into sub groups to solve a question or a problem.

The Panel Interview

In this interview, the interviewee is interviewed by a panel consisting of more than two people. This is a very common type of interview for academic admissions and employee selections for a job.

This interview is difficult as to pass and to clear this interview one has to impress more than one person which is not an easy thing to do. To clear this interview, the interviewee should be confident and must have a lot of knowledge about his field.

For example if you are being interviewed for an admission in a medical school and the panel interviewing you consists of a heart specialist, an anesthetist and a surgeon, each of the member of the panel may ask you questions relating their fields to evaluate you, you must have the knowledge of all these fields to get through that interview and to impress the panel.

A Career Fair
A Career Fair

The Phone Interviews

The phone interviews are a type of one to one interview in which the interviewer interviews the interviewee through a telephone.

This interview is common in large companies which hire a lot employees altogether. This interview is mostly made to select lower level employees rather than selecting some one for a higher post.

In this interview the only thing that can impress the interviewer is the intelligence and the speaking manner of the interviewee. It eliminates the criteria such as looks and personality.

Career Fair Interviews

Career fairs are held in many colleges, institutes and companies where many large corporations and companies send their representatives to search for a new talent or an employee.

The representatives interview the person interested to evaluate the capabilities of the person interested, and if they are impressed they may call the person for further interviews.

These interviews are brief and to the point. Since the interviewee has very little time to impress the interviewer the interviewee must be spontaneous and must have a really impressive personality.

The interviewee should also be extremely confident, sharp and smart to grasp the immediate attention of the interviewer.

The Site Interview

This interview takes place at the site of the job employer’s work. This interview usually takes place when the interviewer who happens to be the employer has made up his mind about the employee but still needs to asses the employee further.

This interview can be extremely crucial as if you fail to impress the interviewer in this interview you would make him change his mind and would lose a job you were so close to getting.

This interview may include a tour of the site of work and a meal. Be well prepared for the interview and you must have a copy of your résumé or your portfolio and you must make your self there at the right time.


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