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UK Dropshipper: Devilwear Designer Clothing Dropshipper Review

Updated on October 19, 2012

 If you want to make money online and maybe work from home full time, Dropshipping is one way you can do this. Dropshipping is heavily associated with Ebay but you can also use dropshipping on your very own website. Now this hub is written with the understanding that you already know the dropshipping concept and how it works. Now finding dropshippers can be hard, ones that sell desirable items that don't excellent selling skills to promote. There are many dropshippers that sell Chinese manufactured mp3 players but as these are unbranded you don't have the keyword power that you do when you sell a brand name product. This isn't to say you can't make money from unbranded chinese manufactured products becasue I know you can but it takes a lot of work and many skills in selling to sell them, especially if you want to make a profit. If you're new to ebay and want to learn your skills as you earn then using a dropshipper that sells desiner brand products can help you a lot.

Devilwear is one of very very few dropshippers that dropships GENUINE Designer clothing. Devilwear Uses a paid membership to become one of their resellers.

  • £9.99 For Standard memebership. This will set up you with an account For 12months. With this membership you will be refunded the memebership joining fee when you place your first order with them. The downside with this membership is that you do not get any discount on the listed price.
  • £30 Gold Membership: 12 month membership that gives you 10% on listed price items.
  • £50 Platinum Membership: 12month membership that gives 20% Discount on listed prices.
  • £79 Ultimate Membership: 12 month Membership that gives a minimum 20% Discount on list price but can be sometimes up to 50% of the list price! This account is my recommendation. The profit margins are dramatically increased with this account making it easier for you to make a profit.

****** Devilwear is currently offering a life time Ultimate Dropshipper Membership for £199 ******

Devilwear Pro's

 Here are the pros to becoming a Devilwear dropshipper. The majority of people wishing to dropship will be selling via ebay so some of these pros are paramount to selling on ebay to not only make money but also to keep a good reputation and get returning customers to your ebay.

  • Designer Clothing ( Dramatically increases your traffic just by having a brand name )
  • Extensive range of products
  • Seasonal Products ( winter products are huge )
  • Postage Options ( Recorded Delivery Is A Must For Ebay )
  • Free Postage On Selected Items
  • Various Ranges ( Due to their extensive range of products you could specialise in one area such as the Ski Googles Or Sunglasses )
  • Same Day Dispatch On Orders placed before 4pm ( A massive marketing tool if you know how to use it )
  • Based In The UK
  • Paid Membership ( Reduces Competition as most like to join free dropshippers )
  • Offers a website package ( They'll set you up with your very own website another marketing gem and potential to earn more profit if you know how )
  • Some Of designer goods available Ray Ban, Converse, Oakley, Bolle, Ed Hardy, ZooYork
  • Clothing is the biggest selling niche on Ebay.
  • Quality Products
  • Possibility to have thousands of listings under one dropshipper! ( Another Marketing Gem for ebay )

Devilwear Cons

Every Dropshipper has an upside and downside to what they offer but its whether Upside outways their downside.

  • Von Zipper, Jack Jones and Nixon Products Can not be dropshipped
  • Paid membership ( Some people don't have much to invest to start with ) If you don't have much to start with then I suggest you wait untill you do, not just so that you can start dropshipping with devilwear but to start selling in general.
  • Harder to make a profit from the basic and gold memberships.

If you would like to join or checkout Devilwears Dropshipping Site you can do so here Remember Dropshipping on ebay or with your own website takes time and effort to build in to a profitable business. There are many ways to speed up the process, offering desirable products is one way to do that. If you would like to learn how to make more money from your ebaying check out my other hubs on how to increase sales.

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