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Under 21 Bosses: 8 Young Heavyweights to Watch for in 2013

Updated on March 5, 2013

Oscar Nominee Quvenzhane Wallis

Quvenzhane Wallis became the youngest person to ever receive an Oscar nomination at just 9-years-old.
Quvenzhane Wallis became the youngest person to ever receive an Oscar nomination at just 9-years-old. | Source

Myth: Age Ain't Nothin But a Number

Age is so much more than just a number when you're talking about children and teens making lucrative career accomplishments. Over the years, we've seen them sign music contracts and act on television and in movies. But, it's the ones who started their own business before even turning 21 that caught our attention.

Jaden Smith in the Karate Kid

Jaden Smith made his acting debut in "Pursuit of Happyness" with his dad, Will Smith.
Jaden Smith made his acting debut in "Pursuit of Happyness" with his dad, Will Smith. | Source

The Honey Bunch Kids Series by Chental-Song Bembry

The Honey Bunch Kids
The Honey Bunch Kids

Desiree Williams is your above-average 6th grade girl. She's confident, calm, and has little tolerance for people who aren't at her level. Her life changes when she comes across Chauncey Willis and Stuart Glover. She then learns the true meaning of friendship and tolerance for others.


8 Bosses-in-the-Making Under 21

Today, we decided to profile eight of these motivated, and now successful business moguls. These are some of the top young US heavyweights-in-the-making that we need to watch for this year:

  1. Chental-Song Bembry – This self-published author is only 16 years old. She's also active in literacy organizations such as Mission EduCare and LiteracyNation, working as a youth ambassador. She began telling stories when she was just 10 years old. It was then that she created her first three characters, writing the book series The Honey Bunch Kids. Chental-Song was able to turn her passion for creative writing and helping with childhood literacy into a career.

  2. Deyjah Harris – This little princess has become known for her appearances on episodes of her dad's and step-mom's reality show “TI & Tiny: The Family Hustle.” Now, Little Lady Harris is stepping out into her own spotlight as she makes her own acting debut. She's scheduled to appear in “All For MyLove”, an Atlanta-based sitcom, along with Hannah Cartwright, a goddaughter of professional woman of color, Oprah Winfrey. Deyjah is yet another one of the Harris Clan who's most definitely determined join in on the Family Hustle.

  3. Jaden Smith – This young star touched our souls when he made his acting debut in “The Pursuit of Happyness.” The now 14-year old son of actress Jada Pinkett, stared alongside his father, Will Smith. He's been on our radar ever since. As the youngest of the Smith Family, he's made a big leap, branching out from music and acting, into the fashion industry. His clothing line “MTSFTS” has successfully proven Jaden to be wise beyond his years. The teen recently told Vibe that he'll take watching interviews of Steve Jobs over reality television any day. He tends to prefer watching things that he believes will make him even smarter. Following in the footsteps of his Apple mentor, Jaden is destined to be a boss.

  4. Karma Bridges – This young lady is the daughter of rapper, actor and professional man of color, Ludacris. In 2012, at just 10 years young, she earned a place on The Grio's 100 List. Having the same entrepreneurial mindset as daddy, together they launched a children's educational website. The site is dedicated to helping kids between 1st and 6th grades that learning can actually be quite fun.

  5. Keke Palmer – At just 19 years, Keke already has a professional resume that reads like that of an entertainment veteran. Her list of professions include fashion designer, actress, singer and community activist. She too touched our souls in her starring role in “Akeelah and the Bee.” It appears that there are no shortage of roles for the teen star. Recently, it was reported that she'll be appearing in a upcoming biopic on TLC entitled “Rozando 'Chili' Thomas.”

  6. Leanna Archer – I would have loved to have been the lady accepting the business license application from this little lady when she was only 9-years-old. That was when she created a company dedicated to selling hair and skin beauty products called Leanna's, Inc. She became the youngest person in history to ring the bell at the New York Stock Exchange at the age of 13. She later took a business trip to Haiti, where she was inspired to start the Leanna Archer Foundation. It's purpose is to provide shelter and food to children who are homeless. Now, at the young age of 17, her entrepreneurial resume also includes philanthropy. She was profiled in The Root's 2013 Young Futurists list.

  7. Quvenzhane Wallis – This spirited 9-year-old became famous for her acting role in “Beasts of the Southern Wild.” She became a major topic of discussion in the media when she became the youngest person ever to receive an Oscar nomination. Her sassy, yet cute personality has the public craving more. Soon, Quvenzhane will star in a musical remake of “Annie”, where she'll play the leading role.

  8. Reginae Carter – Reginae is the 14-year-old daughter of rap star, Lil Wayne and reality show star Antonia “Toya” Johnson-Carter. This young lady has been talking about fashion and singing careers for a while. Now, she's finally pursuing her dreams. Ms. Carter was recently signed under her dad's record label as a new artist. She also provides her professional expertise to the girls' fashion line YMCMB. Reginae is determined to show the world her personal definition of what young money truly means.


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