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Unemployment Problem And Solution

Updated on October 8, 2014

Unemployment What's All About

Unemployment is an inevitable consequence of capitalism. It is not only inevitable in capitalist countries it is a requirement of the big employers because having a large unemployed workforce exerts a huge downwards pressure on wages.

Europe's biggest enemy as all speak is unemployment! The figures in countries such as Spain or Greece are simply beyond any imagination [more than 25%!!]. Let's all hope our leaders will tackle the issue adequately. Long unemployment can severely hurt the individual, psychologically as well...

This topic is looming in our country and it's scary really some cannot find any work. It seems to be an employers market where overly qualified people are taking jobs that a few years ago were of a lower pay scale but because of the tough situation, it seems to be trending.

Why Youth Are Unemployed in India

Indian govt does not do anything for the Indian youths, lack of finance to set up a business, there is no financial institution in villages, Indian financial institution are lack of planning in remote areas for finances , lack of rural banking facilities, lack of transportation, lack of roadways, even the loan provided by the govt such as pmegp and kvic are given to the youths after a huge amount of paying corruption amount, such as in pmegp their is a 30 t0 35 % subsidy from where we have have to pay nearly 18% as corruption amount to the loan issuing authorities, moreover not only this the rate of interest to the new commers is to very high before starting business the youth have to thing about its EMI. no Indian govt cannot be able to solve unemployment problem in India, especially in northeast India.

Education System and Employment

I think there is no link between the education system and employment.they are pole apart.what should be kept in mine is not education but companies offering jobs because self employment does not pay back that well..India needs to expand industries and not education.

Our educational system is much flawed and the government has an important role to play.However, in a developing economy the role of NGOs and society in solving the problem of unemployment can come in handy in the presence of a crippled government.

We at Unnati, have trained for free and provided employment in reputed organizations for over 1500 underprivileged, unemployed youth(above 18yrs) in the last few years. The vocations could be BPO, retail, guest care office/ hotels, industrial painting, industrial tailoring, driving. Based on the youth's educational background, attitude and aptitude, a suitable vocation is selected and in 70days the transformation is there to see.

Voice of Indian Youth

We Can Beat Unemployment.....

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How India is Shining

India is shinning as most of people rightly says and that is in service sector and not in manufacturing sector unlike China. It is only the IT sector and the IT boys of India have brought glory to India. But it is a dependable sector and not an independent sector as like that of manufacturing sector. It depended on developed country like US, UK, Australia, Japan, European Union, Canada and many other developed countries. BPO sector needs large number of blue collars. KPO industries require and offer white collar jobs. That is why US very often bringing lot of restriction on IT Indian companies in USA. If we come to the question of unemployment, we can not and should not be satisfied with few such IT industries where only a very insignificant percentage of Indian population is employed. As it rightly said every business house is an Institute. It is not the only theoretical few Institute of India who can solve the unemployment problem but produce a few individual for white collar job only bringing a demoralizing effect on the other skills of rural sector. What was said by Gandhi once was correct. Unemployment can not be solved in India bypassing the rural skill and small scale industries apart from big industries. Gandhi showed it through his while of Charka.


How To Eradicate Unemployment

Unemployment is a problem everywhere right now, but India seems to be hit really hard.People from villages of india have these difficulties. How can we solve these problems? We people who get rare chances to get good education and all have to come forward and help them to come to main stream.Often what happens is people who get succeeded in life forget their past and move way from the their old place. We should be ready go back through our path of life and help the people we meet there.Helping doesn't means giving money, it simply means sharing the knowledge you aquired in your life from your experience. Every one should ready to do that, we can not simply blame the government for all these problems. We have to join the great effort to make our people smile.

The Main Reason Of Unemployment of Indian Youth

1 Large numbers of Indian youth are doing well. They have their dream and goal.However, in many cases, this observation is true. But 90% of Indian youth donot have a dream .They take education as something they've got to pursue as an engagement business.Lack of seriousness,and hollow concept about themselves and the fast changing market make them a liability of the society.A little awareness about the market around would definitely make them choose the right subjects that would latter fetch them a decent job as livelihood also they would be more productive to the society.

2 India suffering for a big problem that is work ..lack of work. we have to create work. for them. And thus we can solve unemployment problem. India is big man power country.. we have to use it,how can we create the work that is we have to think and solve.

3 Concept about politicians are similar everywhere in the world. Most of the people are money minded nowadays. Why only to blame the politicians?

Politicians are always at the top of the economy-Pyramid, so they reap the maximum benefit of any system.

It is to be remembered that we the people elect them. Why are not we careful while voting and electing them. It is observed in many surveys that educated and upper class people are reluctant to poll. We should come forward to eradicate corrupt politicians!

Maintain Balance in Life

The problem with the education system is that they pressurize student as much as possible with the work load and just expect them to be motivated on their own. There is very little emphasis on truly inspiring any student. Once any student is truly inspired they will definetly stand out in their field.

I feel that many very successful students are motivated only because of their need to make a living. That kind of motivation won't necessarily last life long. The other factor that is almost completely ignored is time management and balance. Students are expected to ignore all other aspects of their life other than studies. Sports are taught at schools but are not sufficiently encouraged. The attitude of most teachers towards sports is negative.

Maintaining balance in life especially under highly stressful situations is a very important factor in professional as well as personal success. This is also mostly ignored.

Is India A Poor Country

India is a poor country after applying economic parameters but potential superpower , yes it may happen .The problem is the income disparity and regional imbalance,means backward states and developed states.We are a feudal country and society so it is difficult to share liabilities which any super power has to undertake.If growth continue for next decade ,India will be third economy in the world by PPP(purchase power parity) it is not enough.We should shed all our internal differences and proved to be one nation and to be practical and innovative in practice,so world can notice

We have strong fundamentals such food self sufficiency, natural resources , so we can take up the global responsibilities ensuring peace and prosperity.


We need a total change in our education system. It should be nased on what indusries want. Regular interaction between industries and institutions is needed.

The Govt did not work upon. They never took it seriously. That is why the position is.

I hope Indian students and education authorities will come up to resolve the problem of unemployed youth.

I am an Indian and wish Indian youth good luck in field of employment.


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    • SatendraSaini profile imageAUTHOR

      Satendra Saini 

      3 years ago from India

      hi Somaliyiz! I am very glad that you find this platform to share something with us and my readers. According to my Indian YOGA treatment we can cure all type of headache and other problems.

      Specially in your case I am going to discuss some natural way of treatment.

      1 If someone is suffering from this problem, he have to take a small quantity of cow ghee and then make it some warm ( It should be pure cow ghee) and then with the help of dropper take one drop into your left and one drop into your right nose in the night while you are going to sleep. Repeat this process daily for one to two week. Thais will help you to remove any kind of headache. And for more information and other yoga treatment you can contact me at at gmail,facebook,twitter, etc.

    • SatendraSaini profile imageAUTHOR

      Satendra Saini 

      4 years ago from India

      thanks teaches12345 ! for going through this hub.

      I think there should be some political changes to improve the present conditions of community leaders and as well as education system.

    • teaches12345 profile image

      Dianna Mendez 

      4 years ago

      It is unfortunate the politicians do not see the importance of grooming youth as successors and community leaders. I hope the educational system is increases its outreach in training students for careers. Thanks for sharing this important message.

    • SatendraSaini profile imageAUTHOR

      Satendra Saini 

      4 years ago from India

      Thank you so much vkwok for going through this hub and being a regular reader of my hubs. Thanks a lot again.

    • vkwok profile image

      Victor W. Kwok 

      4 years ago from Hawaii

      Thank you for sharing your insight of the employment situation in India, Satendrasaini.


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