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Unemployment, the real story

Updated on July 10, 2012

Causes you may not know about

Unemployment is on the rise and is reaching 14% in some communities in America. This down turn is dangerous to our future, the future of our children, and the future of our nation. So, how do we stop the trend. My suggestion is to fix the real problems that are causing the crisis. We can only do that if and when we know the truth. Here is the cold hard truth.

There are four basic reasons that are changing how and when we work.

1.) The apply on line game

Almost every store and franchise in America expects applicants to do this. It seems this would make things easier. Right? No, it is not! We can no longer walk up to a store and say 'hey are you hiring?' Did you know that Americans can now apply for jobs at every location from any locality. That means a huge turn out. I spoke to one potential employer for a small firm and he explained that up to 400 persons e-mail him a day looking for a job. He cannot possibly return messages to all of them. So, he deletes most applications on a daily basis. The days of just go out there and find a job are over. If anyone walks in a store, hotel, or business of any sort, someone at the desk will simply say 'APPLY ON LINE'. Then, your online application is most likely deleted.

2.) Credit checks and privacy disclosers

All major companies in the United States are doing this. The computer screens potential employees. A low credit score means no job. It is that simple. And that is wrong! A bad credit score is not a personal reference and it should not be considered as such. Employers have complained for many years about wage garnishments. It is an inconveinence I am sure but, this attitude that we can violate privacy of applicants and run a credit check is going to bring havoc to our work force. As more and more companies are requiring a clean credit report more folks cannot pay their bills. How can they pay bills in they cannot get hired? This brings down the whole economy. If they will not let you work how can people pay their bills off ? Today, if you owe a parking ticket it is reported to the credit agencies and you soon find out you will not be allowed to write a check at any chain store establishment. This too, is an unacceptable practice that should be declared unconstitutional. Did you ever hear of the phrase from the constitution that states cannot discriminate even for reasons based on previous condition of servitude? This act is a major role player in these times and causing economic havoc on millions of people across America. Remember, every out of work person means less taxes are collected by the state. The results - they raise taxes on those who are still working. The money has to come from somewhere. The more policies we have to keep people out of work the worse this situation will get!

3.) Over seas

Did you know that 60% of our apples come from out of this country? As a matter of fact 90% of our goods and products come from other nations. We import bibles, flags, clothing, cosmetics, shoes, and even our food. We have more more land than the rest of the world and we import half of our food. China has more goods in our stores and on our shelves than we do. This is unacceptable. The average factory worker in China makes 6 cents an hour. They live at the factory. Factories in China are often compounds where workers are locked in. They sleep in bunk beds in cabin style rooms. No worker can just walk out without permission to leave. Their work day is by far, longer than most Americans can ever imagine. It is common place for a Chinese factory worker to work 15 hours a day! They work all seven days a week without a day off. It is common for the workers to wait weeks if not months to get their pay. A midnight snack is served when workers have finished the midnight! Young girls of 14 years of age can work at a chinese factory and because factory owners often do not ask for identification these girls can actually be much younger. Chinese factory workers have a high suicide rate. Yet, all knowing American and British business associates fly to China and other countries around the world purchasing products at low, low prices regardless of knowlege about factory policies. Back in the western world, they market these goods to franchise corporations.

4.) Entitlements and social services

The less we have jobs for our citizens the more people will apply for governmental assistance. If the only jobs we can provide for millions of Americans is at low wage franchise stores that sell foreign goods we are in real trouble. If a worker making $8.00 makes $320 a week and brings home $250 after taxes what incentive is that to keep working. Rent averages in New York State $800-900 a month. That means $100-200 dollars left over for food for the month. This is before uitility costs. This senario plays out over and over in everyday people's lives. After hours of standing at a cash register many quit. They simply cannot make enough to pay the bills. If many of our citizens have education issues disability payments, section 8 housing and food stamps pay more. We need to rethink of the term welfare. That is not where the real fraud lies. It is in disability payments to those who are not really injured but, desperate to feed their families. Single parents face another challenge and that is day care. If you only bring home $250 a week how can you pay $ 200 a week in day care expenses. These situations are so impossible for people to handle many are forced to apply for assistance. Others just get mad and apply because they are fed up, lost respect for our country, and do not care anymore. That is wrong. If you are educationally challenged this is what you have to face and this leads to drug use, alcoholism, crime, and exploitation of social services programs.

If you think goods cannot be made here in America you are very wrong. Burt Bees Cosmetics, Texas Blue Jeans and many more companies still operate here daily. New York State Senator Kirsten Gillibrand was fighting for a bill to stop tax breaks that were encouraging these practices. It is possible to have made in America again. To do so we have to change all of our policies or we will continue to pay the high price of a ruined economy.

For more information see

and Democratize the Economy on facebook.

Article by Joanne Kathleen Farrell, author of Liberty for the Lion Shield


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