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Unhappy at Work

Updated on October 25, 2020
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Writer and Photographer - Life is there for experiencing, which I live each and every day to do!

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How much is unhappiness really worth?

It is a simple fact that life comes with a price tag. We have to pay our way to have a roof over our head and live in the lifestyles that we desire. Homes, vehicles, furnishing and fun; it all has a price tag in this day and age. So we work at least a third of our lives away to try and have time to enjoy the better things in life... but at what cost?

Did you know that a full-time employment position equals approximately 260 working days per year, which totals about 2080 hours... That equals 124,800 minutes or 7,488,000 seconds of your life!

Why would I break the working days all the way into seconds? Quite simply because if you are unhappy in your place of employment, it is quite likely that every second drags on draining you in ways that can feel downright horrible...

How much is our time really worth??

Say that you work for a mere $15.00 per hour. Each second you spend at work you are bringing in 0.004 cents. Does that justify being unhappy? Being away from your home, your family, your life? Does that mere amount of money, not even a penny a second, pay for the stress that you likely bring home with you?

Unless you are a 'super hero' with magic detachment powers, your work 'unhappiness' is very likely following you around once you leave the work site. So why do we do it? Why do we stay with a position that poisons our happiness? For a mere 0.004 cents a second? -- We both know that you are worth more than that.

Happiness... We deserve it.



What makes you unhappy at work??

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Why do we stay? How can we go?

When we are unhappy at our place of employment why do we stay? Is there no other opportunity waiting around the corner that will ease some of the current tension that we may be enduring? Are we afraid of change? Can we not afford to risk a pay cut?

Lets clarify: There will always be another opportunity around the corner! We just take those steps to get around the bend and we have to be willing to put ourselves out there for that next opportunity! Change can be good! Especially when we are unhappy with our current situation! If you will be facing a pay cut in order to be happier at your place of employment, you might want to look at ways to cut your current expenses...

  • Cut back on your cable package -- or disconnect it all together and opt for movies
  • Park the car and save fuel by running your errands by foot
  • Like steak? Maybe you can get steak flavored hamburgers
  • Turn the thermostat down a degree or two and toss on a housecoat
  • Cell phone running your cash right out the door? Call the Cell carrier and be firm with getting them to look at better, more affordable options for services

If there really is no real hope of changing the current situation at work that is causing misery than maybe, just maybe it is worth the risk to move on! Life will not stop just because we know we are worth more than being employed in a position that causes unhappiness...


How long have you been at your place of employment?

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Everyone deserves happiness and contentment...

If only we all could be so carefree...
If only we all could be so carefree... | Source

What options are out there?

Over the last couple of decades local governments have made funding available to create work skills via employment agencies... Close to where I reside, in Creston British Columbia there is a great employment agency called Kootenay Employment Services! They are truly outstanding, check them out at -- they offer employment postings, job training and so much more, and their services are free! There is likely a source in your own community that offers such services, and well worth seeking out.

There are many Self-Employment programs out there as well. A decade ago or so, I used one called Community Futures, which I absolutely rate with a five full stars! Not only was I able to access funding for 'living' expenses I was rewarded with outstanding business training that gave me the skills, the knowledge and the power to take things (like my life) into my own hands! Though the business I chose was not a good fit for my happiness, the skills that I learned through the program gave me the confidence to take charge... From those skills I have successfully been employed in a management position for five years!

Then there are the more traditional options like hitting the pavement with your resume. Remember, when drafting resume be sure to include all of your strengths. They do not have to be manufactured from employment! Everyone is great at something, be it a hobby, way of life or general knowledge that you have accumulated. If I am assisting anyone with resume writing, one of the questions I always ask is: what do people come to you for? Do your friends always want you to do the cooking, because they know that the meal will be outstanding that you create? Does your cousin ask you to do editing for them? Little lady down the street kindly ask you to speed up her computer? -- These are all things that you can use on your resume! You may not have accumulated the skills through former (or current) employment, but they are still skills that you possess and they make you an asset!

Lets talk 'really outstanding' resumes!

If you look to pound the pavement and secure a new employment position than chances are that you are going to require a resume. Three key tips for a fantastic, outstanding resume:

1. Stay away from standard white paper! Go to your local stationary store and go for the gusto with a quality, outstanding piece of paper that will get noticed! Loaded with color, texture and pizzazz! Trust me it will pay off!

2. Include references that go beyond work. Include people with whom you have volunteered for, someone that often comes to you for assistance and the people who helped make you who you are -- personal references speak and honest word.

3. Get someone, or three, to edit your resume! Make sure that it is complete, clear, free of errors, has personality and reflects the quality of work that you are willing to offer your future employer.

--- Being in a management position, I do hiring and have went through a lot of resumes. Sad to say, but I have not had a lot of resumes stand out. Some of the resumes that I get make me really wonder if this person really wanted a job at all! Not once have I received a resume on bright green paper. Rarely does a resume come across my desk that is completely void of errors. Sometimes there are even stains on the resumes that I receive!

Resumes that I will not call back:

1. Any resumes that do not include references. If I get a resume to inquire for references, that is reference enough for me that I do not want to call them back. Number one error: wasting my time -- your resume will be our first connection... No references means I will have to call you because you (number two) did not give me a completed document... No references = a half done job.

2. Resumes with spelling or grammar errors go to the bottom of the pile. Explanation required? Nah.

3. A resume with stains, smudges or tares? Good-bye and good luck!

4. Monotone resumes. If I can not get a feel for who you are, I will not call you back. Even if off paper you are the most amazing person in the universe. So sorry. I want someone who catches positive attention, even on paper.

REMEMBER: A resume will be your first foot through the door... Ensure that it is a foot that wasn't mean to keep on walking out the back door! Be confident, be assured and most importantly reflect who you are.

Deciding to stay...

So there are many options open to you as an unhappy employee. If you choose not to go and decide to attempt to 'fix' the situation at hand you need to know that you have options. Determine what your underlying source of displeasure is. If it is a co-worker try to (respectfully) bring the issues to your employer. If the issues at hand revolve around your boss, truth be told, you have less options for maintaining your position, yet you can still attempt to resolve the situation by honest conversation, reporting to an alternative superior or taking the issues to a labour board.

If you decide, for whatever reason, that you need to stay you may have to be creative in finding a solution for the problem at hand. Try and post the issues in the guest book and see what feedback other readers may give you... Good luck in which ever choice you choose!

This content is accurate and true to the best of the author’s knowledge and is not meant to substitute for formal and individualized advice from a qualified professional.

© 2014 Lou Cannon


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