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Unions Misled by President Obama

Updated on September 24, 2010

Global Agenda

We have had it to good. We have lived the good life her in the United Stateswith illiterates burning our flag, denouncing our constitution, praising everythingthey can praise that is tearing down the way of life that we have been use toand not thinking one minute what they will do when that way of life is over.They are just not thinking and that's what Obama was betting on to get into office.

Now we have Unions that think still of only "now" and believe in the concocted malarkey that Obama continues to throw at them about how he is going resurrect and change thway of life here for a better one. They are blinded by the stories of "the recession is over"
and "the economy is getting better", and so on.

The president throws billions of dollars at Unions , which we are borrowing from China         and is all he know to do, at a problem and gives it a band-aid for the time being with
these unitized Workers all the while thinking the Anointed one, is the answer to all their
problems when in fact he is actually just the beginning of all their problems. They don't
think about a year from now, when that money runs out and in the mean time the world
leaders are reducing their pay to regulate and spread the wealth to impoverished Nations
that they will be either out of a job or their income will have dropped by thousands.

Where these hypnotized Union Workers think the person next to them is there co worker,
actually their co-worker could be in China mor India or some other impovershed country
waiting to get the wealth sent in their direction so it is "more fair". The United States
workers are glutins in their eyes making so much money, but that is going to change.
Where the Western Societies have rulled for the last two hundred years is about to be
changed to India and china as World Rulers. get use to it if Obama stays in power and we
don't stop borrowing money from China and printing it daily like their is a bottomless

We have no choice but to face hardship and really bad times if the direction that Obama
and his Czars are taking us in is not changed. Global trade, and global workers, global
finance unions, having a country sit down and talk about their Nuclear Weapons after
Countries like Iran embarrasses and belittles the United States and it's president in
front of all to see, and World Unite wanting to outsource workers and spread our wealth
to China, Indonesia, Asia, Africa and the like. These are the things Obama is interested
in, and last but not least, controlling every aspect of your existence. He is doing
everything in his power to make these things happen as fast as he can before the people
realize what he is actually up to.

Texas sends 1.5 billion to Brazil yearly, we sent 5 billion to Pakistan, we sent millions
to Haiti, we gave to Greece, Obama invested 2 billion to an oil company to drill off the
brazillion coast, when does it stop....Obama thinks the money is an indefinite source.

He's killing us. The only thing that is real is that he wants his gang to be re-elected               but if that does not happen he will circumvent the Congress just like he did with Medicare
putting the Socialist in charge without a single vote. Now he has placed a woman in
charge of the credit card regulating without a vote.

The era of western rule is coming to a quick end and Obama is speeding that up every
chance he gets. We have loads of people that are starving and don't have a "pot to pee
in", as the saying goes, but yet he continues to throw money to dead ends and other
countries. The man is standing in the way of U.S recovery and it's where he wants to be.

Do you think he wants us to fail? Do you think his misguided child hood and living in
predominantly Muslim countries has anything to do with that? Is that why he wants to
destroy our Constitution. A Democratic voter told him how he misled her thinking to get
her vote and she is still waiting for the change that is going to strengthen the middle
class and he answers that with a joke.

The stimulus package was written not by the democrats but actually it is

something that has been in the works for years by a group that goes by

"The Appolo Alliance".Obama did not tell the voters that, did he? You'd

think the expert Dem's were in action! There is so much he is hiding it's

a crime.

Cass Sunstein is currently Obama's head of the Office of Information and Regulatory
Affairs where, among other things, he is responsible for "overseeing policies relating to
privacy, information quality, and statistical programs." Sunstein is charge of
re-regulating America behind your backs. But that is another story my friends.

Like I said they want to control every aspect of your life. Did you now a man I Atlanta              last week was fined $5000 for growing to many vegetables in his yard and giving to             many of them away.

Once again I am for the free market and my website where you can grab yourself a free

website and vacation is located at:


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    • SheriSapp profile image


      10 years ago from West Virginia

      I knew much of this information, but it is still pretty sad to see the evidence laid out for inspection. Obama and his ilk LOATHE America and want to dismantle this nation brick by brick.


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