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Unique Ideas for Making Money

Updated on August 28, 2009

Ideas for Making Money

 These days, the economy is forcing many people to become creative when it comes to meeting their financial obligations. Why I even saw a poster on my local grocer's bulletin board that advertised trash valet service for those who need their trash can taken to the curb on trash day. Boy, desperate times call for desperate measures. This hub will be a "living hub" to which I will add ongoing thoughts and brainstorms regarding ideas for making money. If you have ideas you are willing to share, please don't hesitate to comment.

Idea Listing

  • Generate extra cash flow by babysitting for friends and family. The going rate these days is around $10 per hour for only 1 child.
  • Start your own business that caters to new parents. If you are a pediatric nurse or experienced mom, this idea could be easy for you. Offer to stay over night and let new parents get some sleep while you care for their new little one.
  • Have you heard? Some people make money picking up poop these days. I own 2 Great Danes and considered hiring someone. Serious money to be made here. There are franchises you can even buy into.
  • Think up some neat craft activities and offer to travel to clients' homes to provide their children with play time that is NOT spent in front of the television.
  • Counsel teens on what they want to be, especially if you can arrange interviews for them with various people already in their fields of interest.
  • Wash pets at the owners home.
  • Create a wedge that new parents can put under the grocery cart wheel to help them unload groceries and keep the baby safe all at the same time.
  • Buy or make wedding supplies and rent them out.
  • Create a beautiful outdoor area on your land for people to use for their marriage ceremony.
  • Offer flowers and/or greenery from your yard to people needing inexpensive flower arrangements for upcoming events.
  • Be a traveling activities person for independent and assisted living facilities.
  • Can you juggle and/or act pretty silly? Learn to tie balloon animals and become a one person show for hire at children's birthday parties.
  • Take pictures of people on-the-job for their website.
  • Touch up important photos for realtors, weddings, baby showers, etc. using Photoshop or Photoshop Elements.
  • Offer classes to people in something you are good at doing. For instance, if you are a plumber, offer a beginning plumbing class to new homeowners. Teach some very basic skills. You'll also have built up a list of clientele for when they need professional assitance in the future. Other ideas, basic sewing, cooking, woodworking, giftwrap, lawn care.
  • Wrap gifts around the holidays.
  • Faux paint people's houses.
  • Start a business wherein you only come and clean people's floors. That is the hardest part to keep clean in any house anyway.
  • Open a business wherein you keep people's cars clean for them- loading up any junk they accumulate each week and giving it to them in a box to be put away inside.
  • Website called, "Tell Me the Truth" wherein people load up their image and you and others tell them what they need to improve upon in order to get dates.
  • Start a service where you are there to listen to couple's argue and decide who is in the right/wrong. Provide feedback as to if they are fighting fair and who is overeacting/undereacting, etc.
  • If you are good looking with a sense of style, offer to take people out shopping and interview them and provide feedback on what they might need to change about themselves if they want to get a certain job, a certain date, a certain reaction, etc.
  • Organize people's mail.
  • Create art from junk mail.
  • Freelance for magazines. Most of them require that you have at least one knowledgeable source cited in your article. Pitch your story ideas. If they are good, you may even get an article syndicated and make lots of money from it.
  • Write an eBook about a subject you know a lot about.
  • Blog.
  • Take part in clinical trials.
  • Sell blood, eggs, sperm, or bone marrow.
  • Start a website that helps others find their missing earring.
  • Collect scrap metal and sell it.
  • Build children's playhouses.
  • Take ceramic handbuilding and sell your finished pieces.
  • Paint yourself silver and act like a robot while holding up a store sign. This is a twist on all the typical sign dancing you see lately on the side of the road.
  • Sell your services of writing thank you notes for brides.
  • Wash people's pets at their homes.
  • Become a professional researcher
  • Start a concierge business for busy professionals


More ideas forthcoming....


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