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UpWork Tip: Things That You Need to Check in a Job Post to Save Connects

Updated on July 13, 2017
Arleen Roja profile image

I work from home as a Lead CSR and I love my job. I love sharing stories hoping it will help or motivate other people.

Connects are limited
Connects are limited

Connects are very limited. We need to be wiser on how to spend it. Besides from avoiding scammers and people that will take advantage of you, we also need to avoid clients that are unresponsive on their job posts. I'm seeing clients who posted jobs and got a lot of proposals, the posts were there for a couple of months but have not interviewed any. To spend it wisely, always look out for these:

Let's use this real job post on UpWork as a sample
Let's use this real job post on UpWork as a sample

Job Post

  • Read the whole job post so you will not miss any special instruction or keywords in there. If you missed it, your proposal will get ignored and your connection will go to waste.
  • Check the Experience level. This is for you to have an idea on how much they're willing to pay. If you will over bid but they've indicated that they need an entry level, they might not choose you because you're too expensive. So if you are looking for a higher rate, go check the experience level.
    > $ Entry Level - I am looking for freelancers with the lowest rates
    > $$ Intermediate Level - I am looking for a mix of experience and value
    > $$$ Expert Level
  • Check if Payment method is Verified. When a client enters their credit card information and got approved by UpWork, their payment will show verified. Which means, you'll get paid. Client that shows payment verified is an indication that this is a serious and paying client.
  • Check the task duration. If it shows More that 6 months, this could mean that the job may turn out to be a long term job. It would be wonderful to have a long term job right? so if you are looking for a Long Term work, you should not miss this part. If you are looking for a part time but it's clearly indicated that they need a full time freelancer, then don't waste your connection.
  • Check the location (optional). We are avoiding scammers. It's up to you if you will have a certain countries to consider before applying. I'm not trying to be racist or anything. It's necessary to be more careful and not waste our available connects.
  • Check if the client already spent $ money on UpWork (optional). It will be better if they're not new to UpWork or have experience working with freelancers. This is just optional but it will be much better if you see that they've spent money as an assurance that it is a paying client.

from our job post sample
from our job post sample

Check Feedback

  • Check Feedback to enter the right bid

Just like what I've mentioned above, you need to check the experience level. Next, check if there's an existing or previous freelancer that works for that same position for you to see how much they got paid. Your rate should be somehow close to their rate since you will be doing the same task.

Based from our sample job post, the client is looking for a Customer Support for a swimming pool cleaning service and agreed to pay the freelancer a $12/hour. If I were the one to send the application, I could bid at around $10 - $12/hour based from what the freelancer earned for that same position.

  • Check Feedback to obtain the client's name

If you can address the client's name on your proposal, please do to get their attention. Getting their attention will end up including you on their shortlist.

Client's name on the feedback section
Client's name on the feedback section

Check how the client worked with other freelancers

Even if we're working from home, still a good idea to consider their professionalism. We don't want someone who tends to have issues with their freelancers. So if they have more negative reviews than the good ones, move on to the next job post and don't waste your connection.

Check the Activity on the Job Post

  • Last Viewed by Client - This will show if the client is checking the post. Some clients are posting a new job post for the same position and tend to forget the other one. So make sure you send the proposal to where the client is actively checking.
  • Interviewing - If the client is active with the interview, you'll get a bigger chance to be considered so go send the proposal.

© 2017 Arleen Roja


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