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Update your Social Care Resume with Some Useful Tips

Updated on March 15, 2013

What matters most when you are looking for social care jobs? It is your resume. Your prospective employer will make a primary assessment of your competency from your resume. That is why your resume should reflect your professional skills aptly. There are so many job seekers in search of a suitable placement and a well-laid out curriculum vitae can boost your chances of receiving interview calls.

In this blog post, you will come across certain tips and guidelines to create a perfect social care resume.

  • It is not necessary to title your resume as ‘Resume’ or ‘Curriculum Vitae’. It is absolutely obvious what the document is all about. Instead, you should write your full name as the first line of text on your resume. Your goal should be to present yourself to your prospective employer as an individual, not just another resume.
  • You may pen down an interesting career objective underneath your full name. The career objective should be short and precise, clear and influential. When writing subtitles on the resume, you must make sure that they are striking enough to gain attention. How can you make subtitles catchy? Using keywords in the subtitles is the best idea. You will be required to include keywords that match your qualifications and also the employers’ requirements.
  • If you are currently employed as a social worker, you should use keywords that speak about your role and position. “Experienced Social Services Assistant in Child Support Services” and “Qualified Social Worker with a University Degree” are the examples.
  • You may list your skills under the title ‘key skills’. Your previous job roles and the responsibilities you have fulfilled point to the skills you possess. However, it may not be sufficient to get a complete understanding of the skills you possess and whether they are appropriate for the position. If you focus on your set of skills in a separate section on your resume, you can impress the employer and thereby, enhance your opportunities.
  • Whether you are suitable for the job or not- your prospective employer uses your employment history as one of the significant factors to determine this aspect. The kind of work you have done previously, the industry where you have worked (social services or any related field) and your current job- all these will be examined. Therefore, you should present your employment history on your resume properly. The proper way is to write them in reverse chronological order i.e. your last or current job should feature first.
  • It is wiser to talk about your current employment a little bit more than any of your former positions. It is important that your potential employer knows about the type of work you are doing at present and the responsibilities you are entrusted with. It is worth mentioning that experienced candidates are preferred by employers as the latter can compare between the position you are already involved in and the social work job vacancies you have applied for.
  • You may use layout tools like lists and bullets to write down your information. You should keep in mind that your social care resume does not exceed two pages. Otherwise, your potential employer may lose interest to go through it. While laying out crucial information, you may use bullet points.
  • You should avoid using decorative elements like flashy font, italic text and photographs on your resume. These are not necessary. Instead, try to use a clear font in black so that the employer can find it easier to read your resume.

These are some valuable tips to write your social care resume. Always, remember that your resume should be appealing and easy for the employer to read it in a short time span.


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