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Urban Outfitters Job Application

Updated on June 30, 2011

Fill Out The Urban Outfitters Application Today

Urban Outfitters employees are given a wide range of benefits including competitive pay, medical and dental coverage, wellness programs, paid holidays, a 401(K) plan, as well as employee discounts and bonuses. For anyone who already shops there, seeking employment at Urban Outfitters is a no-brainer. So, how do you go about filling out the Urban Outfitters job application? Actually, it’s extremely simple.

The first step in your journey to gainful employment at Urban Outfitters is simply logging on to their website ( This is the home to the official Urban Outfitters application. At the bottom of their homepage is a link entitled, ‘Work at Urban Outfitters.’ Click on it. You’ll be brought swiftly to their employment site where you have the ability to apply immediately. Now, click on ‘Apply Now’ which is located on the left-hand side of the screen. Here, you’ll be able to search for the perfect job by filtering the listings based on keyword, category and location.

Your other option is simply to browse all available Urban Outfitters jobs. Once you’ve found a position for which you believe you’re both qualified and available, you can click on it to view the specific responsibilities and requirements for the job that you’re seeking. If this is your first time filling out the Urban Outfitters job application, you’ll hit the ‘New Resume/CV’ button under the heading labeled, ‘Apply.’ This will give you the opportunity to upload and submit a resume which you are going to definitely want to do since a good resume will increase your chances of landing the job. Once you’ve done that, you’ll work your way through an eight step process that will see you entering personal information, job preferences, work experiences and additional employment information. All are necessary in filling out the Urban Outfitters application.

Once you’ve submitted your Urban Outfitters application, you can look for any other possible openings at other stores by searching the database once again. One of the great things about seeking employment at Urban Outfitters is that there is a wide range of opportunities. They aren’t just looking for cashiers at your local store; they employ designers, accountants, IT professionals and much more. The possibilities for growth within this company are outrageous.

Going online is the easiest way to apply for a job at Urban Outfitters; however, you can also take the old-fashioned route by stopping at a nearby location and asking for a paper application. How you apply doesn’t really matter. What matters is that, once you’ve gotten through that interview and been hired, you’ll be out of the unemployment line and into one of the edgiest clothing companies in the nation.

Urban Outfitters is an edgy apparel store that has been in business for the past 41 years and has over 140 locations throughout the US, Canada, and Europe. This company has never been afraid to make a statement and because of this, it has been involved in its fair share of controversies over the years. Nevertheless, their product lines appeal to a large swath of young adults. By focusing their marketing efforts on a rather narrow segment of society, they have been able to see a great deal of growth over the past four decades. Today, they are the premiere apparel and home goods store for urban-minded individuals.

All in all it should take you about 20-40 minutes to fill out the Urban Outfitters job application.


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