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Use HTML Ebay Listing Template Options To Increase Sales

Updated on February 12, 2012

 A great tool option that Ebay lets us use in their advanced listing option is the option to use HTML code in our listings. If you don't know what HTML Code is, it the language that we can not see but is what makes everythin you see on the net what it is, so when there's a box, button,picture on a webpage there is a HTML code that makes it appear. Do you need to know the HTML language to take advantage of this option? Absolutely not! Now how can this make you more sales on ebay? You can get ready made templates that all you need to do is copy the code and paste it in to the html listing body. This will personalised your listing and make them stand out from anyone else. This will dramatically help you increase sales as it will give your listings a proffesional look. There are many free templates on the net you can use to personalise your ebay listing although some of these are not the best looking so sometimes a paid template will ive you the edge.

Using listing templates will let you start to gain knowledge of HTML. If you are serious about your ebay business and making high volume in sales then presentation plays a huge part in ebay sales. Having enlarged photos, videos is also possible with HTML and the added bonus of using the HTML lisitng option.... It is absolutely free!!!! Seen all the extra paid options that ebay offer you, supersize photos, extra photo's this can all be done with the use of HTML code for free. Sites like photobucket and youtube give you the HTML code to display a large picture or a video this is massive!!!! Checkout my hub below how to add extra pictures and videos in to your listings. Combine this with Ebay listing templates and you on sure fire way to making a heap more sales!

 Ok here's your piece of gold from this article. Ebay listing templates will have a variety of boxes to put anything you want in, pics, the listing description itslef but the gold he is that you can make pictures clickable links with HTML code! So you can use some of the templates boxes and display pictures of other items you are selling within your listing! So lets say your selling a mobile phone charge and you use a HTML Listing template and you also sell mobile phones can place a picture of your mobile phone that you sell and make the picture clickable so that it will take you to listing for the mobile phone! This is pure gold if you follow my other traffic generating listings you can be using your cheap high traffic pulling listings and using them to show your viewers what else you sell with a picture! People don't like to look elsewhere when they're on ebay because of the many options put infront of them in the search results so once you've got some in your shop with your "bait" listings and flashing a nice big picture of a more expensive related product infront of them they're going to look and potentially buy!


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