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Useful Jobs for a Teenager

Updated on June 28, 2014

What do I mean by useful?

Most parents do not necessarily care much about what job their teenage son or daughter has; they are just thankful he or she has a job that pays money!

But a teenager should not be looking for any ordinary job. With resumes and people experience becoming ever so important when applying for a job, sociable, people-friendly job early in one's life is a vital step for future, career jobs.

So what do I mean by useful? A teenager's job should primarily, as in above all else (even pay!), pertain to people skills: talking to people, dealing with someone's problems or complaints, and constant interaction with different people.

He are some of the jobs I have had and I believe to be 'useful':

Physical Therapist's Aid

Many workout gyms or office buildings have a center just for physical therapists to work on people with injuries or other physical problems.

The process of physical therapy is quite simple: the patient is brought back by the aid and put on a stimulation machine with either ice or heat. After a few minutes, the patient does exercises for his or her problem. Finally, the therapist will 'work' on the patient through a massage, series of stretches, or ultrasound.

Aids are needed because the therapists are constantly busy tending to their patients' massages, stretches, or ultrasound. The aids are responsible to bring back the patients, set up the stimulation machine (but never turn it on!), and teach the patients the correct way to do the exercises. The aids are also responsible for doing little tasks such as cleaning the towels, wiping down tables, and checking patients' charts.

The job fits the sociable category well. There is constant conversation, especially if you work for a long time and become friendly with your patients. During a lull in the action, aids, therapists, and patients alike always chat and make the day go along much quicker for everyone!

Dealing with complaints and problems is also a major factor in this job. As you can imagine, people constantly come in complaining their injury is worse and how therapy isn't helping! Dealing with these angry, irritable patients takes skill. Nobody wants to go to physical therapy; it is dismal! Opening yourself to patients and being friendly make physical therapy a better experience for everyone!

Cabana Staff at a Beach Club

Many beach clubs are privately run and therefore take on a cabana staff (among other staffs). This staff is responsible for cleaning, tending to, and opening and closing cabanas for the members, who give tips in return. The cabana staff is also responsible for bringing and setting up their members' chairs and umbrellas down to the beach. Each staff member has a group or row of cabanas he or she is responsible for.

This job is all about hard work and people skills, but I will talk about hard work first. If the members see you're running around working your tail off, the end of the week tip will be more lucrative. Slacking off or not doing the job properly will earn you the minimum tip!

People skills is just as important as hard work. When I work at my beach club, I knew every single member: what town they were from, how they like their coffee, and where their favorite spot on the beach was. On an average day I would say 'hello' and 'goodbye' hundreds of times. During down time, members line up to chat with you. Since they are paying you big bucks at the end of the week, they have the right to! If you work hard but are as social as a rock, I guarantee you will earn a minimum tip (and vice-versa of course). Striking up a two minute conversation about a member's new beach chair or the member's son's cute shirt will earn you a healthy tip and the needed people skills for the future!

As you can imagine, dealing with problems and complaints is an everyday affair. IfI was paying thousands of dollars a summer to go to the beach, I expect a damn good beach with damn good employees. Lets face the facts here: people love to complain! If a member complains and you handle the situation maturely, that member will respect you and your tip will go up! More importantly, you gain people skills. Learning to talk to your members and listen to other people is a skill most do not have.


Front Desk or Secreterial Employee

Lets go back to the physical therapy job for a minute just because it is fresh in your mind. Instead of being an aid, you were placed to take the job as a secretary. Is this still a 'useful' job to take? The answer is yes, of course it is. Here's why:

On a daily basis, a physical therapy secretary deals with people in many aspects. It may be through a phone call,in person, or by computer. Also, this secretary has to handle money (cash, credit card, check, or through insurance), organize charts, and book future appointments.

So someone calls up wanting to book an appointment. Right there conversation is struck up. Someone else comes in who wants to pay via a credit card. In this case trust and general knowledge comes into play.

This is also a great social job because of its nature. When walking into an office, the first person seen is the secretary. That first impression for a new or prospective patient may determine if the patient stays or finds a new office!

In Conclusion...

Notice how these jobs all deal with adults, and sometimes children. Anyone can deal with a little child via candy or a bribe, but dealing with adults may take a little more effort!

Thanks for reading!


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    • the50marathons17 profile image

      Michael 6 years ago from Long Island, New York

      Thanks! Yes I'm just starting on hubpages so I could use all the luck I can get!!

    • Dovay Lee profile image

      Dovay Lee 6 years ago from China

      Good information for the teenagers and I also learn something for it. Have a good luck in your hubpages.