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Using Cardone On Demand - Training New Sales People

Updated on April 4, 2015

Cardone On Demand For New Hires

Training new automotive sales people at a car dealership today can be quite easy. How do you train a new hire? You're a manager at a car dealership and just hired someone who's never sold a car in his life. What do you do? Sure you know what to do, this isn't your first go around with a new person, but what's your schedule like? How do you get this person building good habits from day one while desking deals, appraising trades, handling a service heater and making sure the add is correct for this weekend? Not to mention, calling the bank to get deals bought, handling the stolen headrests from the car that was left unlocked last night and ordering cars for next months production line.

This actually goes for your whole crew...

  • How do you keep these guys positive and motivated?
  • How do you instill a solid work ethic?
  • What are you going to talk about in today's meeting? (you are doing a daily meeting aren't you?)
  • How do I get consistent performance from everyone?
  • How do I get veterans operating at their true potential?

Simple. Cardone On Demand is the tool. It was designed to help you where you need help the most help. Sales people are the front line. And nothing happens, as you know, until a sale is made. In the Army, they wouldn't give a soldier a gun and not teach him how to use it first, more or less send him in to combat without training.

How much do you invest in driving traffic to the dealership? Do you want your sales people "learning" on your investment?

Cardone On Demand is 100% on-line, available 24/7 and LOADED with short concise video segments with full accountability. Cardone On Demand goes beyond training and into solutions to the problems you and your people face every day. A dealership can use this program to build and maintain a lifelong, loyal customer base. If you think a deal a day gets a way, Cardone On Demand was designed to help you pick up that extra deal a day.

The Success Trifecta

A3 stands for A-cubed – That’s attitude, approach and action. It is the success trifecta. You can’t have success if one of these is out.

If your attitude is great but you don’t know what you’re doing, it’s not going to happen for you. If your attitude is great and your approach is right on but you’re not taking enough action, you won’t reach near the level you need to succeed.

So, how do you put the new person in the dealership in the right position to have all three in place? How do you help them to get started off on the right foot and start immediately building good habits? You as management have made an investment in these individuals. No only have you given them an incredible opportunity but make sure you are giving them the tools necessary to succeed and create prosperity for themselves and their family.

Action Idea

If you're not training your people, then the media is. Have a short, 10 minute daily sales meeting to get the attitude right. Your competition isn't just the guy down the street but the news, the economy and the little voice in your people's head.

Step 1 - Get the right ATTITUDE

The first thing you want to do is to set a foundation. Get the attitude right and present a place for your people to go to keep the saw sharp. The new automotive professional needs to start here.

Stephen R Covey, author of The 7 Habits of Highly Effective People tells us that the 7th Habit is Sharpen The Saw. That means that no matter how good you get, your axe will get dull if you keep whacking it against a tree and not stopping to make sure it's sharp.

This is a quality of a professional. Professional athletes practice. Professional actors rehearse, doctors are constantly looking for new information.

In addition, these professionals maintain a solid working knowledge of the basics of their craft.

Introducing The Fundamentals of Selling. 10 courses to watch and test out on. Yes, Cardone On Demand has testing! Management will now know what your people know and where they need help.

The Fundamentals of Selling is an explosive and complete curriculum of sales basics, techniques and strategies that will give a full education on what it takes to be a great sales professional in today’s market. Get through these first segments quickly but be willing to comeback to them later to refresh and renew.

  1. Selling, A Way of Life
  2. Professional Or Amateur?
  3. The Most Important Sale
  4. The Price Myth
  5. Your Buyer’s Money
  6. The Magic of Agreement
  7. Give, Give, Give
  8. Massive Action
  9. Time
  10. Attitude

Help Your People

Know what they know, what they don't know and where they need help
Know what they know, what they don't know and where they need help

Action Idea

If you're not already roll playing in your meetings and training sessions, start. Don't practice on your clients!

Step 2 - The Right APPROACH

Now that the right attitude is handled, let’s dial in the right approach. A full knowledge of The Road to the Sale is the cornerstone of a successful career. This road to the sale is designed to make sure you give yourself the opportunity to present figures to every customer you interact with. Course work to study, roll play and practice include:

  1. Road To The Sale
  2. Attitude
  3. The Greeting
  4. Objections In The Greeting
  5. Fact Finding
  6. Appraisal
  7. Selection/Demonstration
  8. Trial Closes
  9. Service Walk
  10. Write Up

This approach will fit well into any dealership and will not require you to reinvent the wheel. It's simple, easy to follow and implement. Use this daily and write more deals.

The Right Level of ACTION

How much action are you taking to reach the level of success you deserve? Grant teaches us to stop going to work to work but to go to work for our dreams and our goals. Would you rather go to work for a 30 foot yacht or to keep the heat on? You're going in either way! Chase prosperity not a paycheck.

The art of closing the deal. Again, nothing happens until a sale is made. That's clear for sure. Once you've got the fundamentals and foundation laid, then you're approach is dialed in, the next step in fully understanding what the close is and how to do it in a way that protects the bottom line and keeps the client happy and coming back.

Closing is an art and science all in itself. It is separate from selling and the most important part of the process. Here is the most effective and complete course ever to be delivered on closing the sale. In addition to the theory you need to understand what closing really is, are over 120 closes to make you an expert master closer.

  1. Theory of Closing
  2. The 10 Reason’s Closers Fail
  3. The Rules For Closing
  4. Advanced Rules For Closing
  5. Money Closes 1 – 45
  6. Time Closes
  7. Stall Closes
  8. Product Closes
  9. Advanced Closes
  10. Classic Closes

Getting your new sales person through the first three sections of Cardone On Demand will eliminate a new sales person from having to wing it. No longer will they have to make it up as they go along.

How To Use Cardone On Demand to Get an EXTRA Deal a Day!

Start watching 2-4 segments a day. 2 in the morning and 2 in the afternoon. About 20 minutes total! That’s it!

AM session: Progress through Categories, Phone’s & Internet, Prospecting and Automotive Classics

PM session: Troubleshooting. What’s been working today and where do you need help? Pick 2 segments to reinforce, debrief and improve based on the last few clients you’ve interacted with.

Quick Fix Solutions: The great boxers all know a fight is never won in the ring. Use the Quick Fix before interacting with a client and after a deal (whether you made it or not) to sharpen the saw, figure out how to approach the situation or how you could have done it better or faster.


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