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Advertise on Your Blog With Chitika Ads

Updated on March 13, 2011
Advertising has come a long way
Advertising has come a long way

Using Chitika to Advertise Online

Internet advertising is what drives most websites, particularly websites that deal with information rather than selling items. Chitika is a pay-per-click advertising company that can be put onto just about any website or blog. If you already have Google AdSense on the page, Chitika can be used alongside it on the page. With both of them together on the page, the revenue from a website can be doubled. 

Internet Advertising With a Twist

Chitika ads look much like google AdSense ads, and they can be configured in the same sizes and shapes as AdSense ads. You can make them into a tiny square or a long leaderboard set of ads that stretch across the top or bottom of the page. But, there is a pretty neat feature that Chitika has that other Internet advertising companies don't.

If you sign up or Chitika ads, you have the option to make the ads disappear completely if the traffic doesn't come in through a website. That may sound a little weird at first, but it's actually a great feature for blog advertising.

If a reader searches for something through Google, or, God forbid, Yahoo or Bing, the Chitkia ads will appear on the page just as you specified. The ads will reflect what the reader had searched for in the search engine moments before- not what your content is. So, readers search for something, find your blog, and more search results are there on your page in the form of small text ads.

However, if you already have blog readers or readers who come to your website often, they will generally go through a bookmark or simply type in the link to get to your site. These regular readers will not get your Chitika ads. They just won't appear on the page and the page will look exactly like it did before. That means that loyal readers don't have to come to your site and see all new ad units on the site. 

How to Get Paid

Chitika pays through PayPal, and there is a minimum payment amount. Unlike Google AdSense, the payout is not insanely high. Google requires a minimum $100 pay out, but Chitika has a pay out of only $10. If you want a check instead of a PayPal payment, you can opt for a check to be mailed. The minimum payment for a check to be issued is $50. 


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    • profile image

      Beaks 5 years ago from USA

      I do. I have it on a few blogs and I'm going to start putting it on a couple of niche sites as well. I don't like relying solely on AdSense for revenue.

    • steinbergr profile image

      steinbergr 5 years ago from Israel

      Do you use Chikita? Recently my adsense account was terminated and it has been months- so I am looking for a different ad's option since my blog has recently seen a huge influx of traffic.