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Make Additional Cash On Ebay, By Selling Used Merchandise.

Updated on December 28, 2011
Whether you have a collection of electronic, or other items that may have been sitting in either your basement or garage. Ebay is without a doubt, one of the best online sites to sell your unwanted merchandise.
Whether you have a collection of electronic, or other items that may have been sitting in either your basement or garage. Ebay is without a doubt, one of the best online sites to sell your unwanted merchandise. | Source
The items that you can sell on the Ebay site are countless. There is also a selling tool on Ebay; to help you determine what the going price of your item is currently selling for.
The items that you can sell on the Ebay site are countless. There is also a selling tool on Ebay; to help you determine what the going price of your item is currently selling for. | Source

Just like Hubpages and other popular writing platforms are used to display our portfolio of written works. Ebay can be considered a selling platform for displaying a collection of old items, that we may have no use for any more. A few people may already know this to be true; not only during the holidays, but at other times of the year as well.

Individuals can purchase a large selection of merchandise on this site.. You will find items ranging from your basic pharma pens; right up to the high tech gadgets and even used automobiles. I took a look one day on my home page and noticed that someone was selling a pen with an engraved drug logo on it. The item was selling for about $10.00. The ironic thing about this, is that this item will sell faster then you think, because people believe it or not, are also infatuated by not only electronic equipment, but by pens as well. Whatever it is you're in the market for, Ebay has it on their site. So why not take advantage of the options Ebay offers you, to turn items collecting dust into cash. And everyone could use a little extra cash throughout the year, especially during the holidays.

So you may thinking to do I get started? Well that answer is quite simple, especially if you are somewhat familiar with the Ebay site already and have purchased items from Ebay in the past. If you do not have an account with Ebay, than you will have to go to their site and at the top of their page click on register to open up a seller's account. You will need to do this, because at some point during the online application process, you will also have to provide your paypal, or other banking information.

A paypal or other banking account is essential in order for you to receive payments from the buyer's who purchase your items. And also to pay for associated seller's fees, which I will explain a bit later in this article. So if you do not have a paypal account, I suggest that you open one up before you register on Ebay. It will not cost you any additonal fees to have a paypal account.

Even though you can digest a good deal of information about selling on Ebay's site; under the various tutorials listed there. It still may behoove you to purchase the Ebay sellers guide listed on The guide can be purchased as a book, or downloaded as a digital edition into a Kindle device. You can view the ebay seller's guide at the following link

Since you will be selling used and possibly a few new items on your newly created ebay account, you will also need a fairly decent digital camera. It does not have to be anything fancy, as long as it has about 8 megapixels or more, with a 2x zoom lense. This amount of megapixels and higher, is necessary in order to be able to not only get a high resolution photo. But also a good quality one as well. I use a simple canon power shot and it takes some really great photos.

I've taken some great photos of my pet cat and dogs and really surprised myself of how well these photos turned out. After you shoot the pictures of the items you want to depart with, you can than download the selected photos onto your pc from the SD card loaded inside your camera. From there you will upload and list them on you ebay account.

Taking pictures of your for sale items is probably the most important step you will take, during the process of getting those items sold. There are also a few different angles, that pictures should be taken at, in order for buyers to get a good idea, of what they are going to buy. Rather going into too much detail about it in this article about photographing items, ebay also has a section on how to properly take photographs of items you plan on selling.

Also review the included demo videos there, to get a better handle on photographing items. It is important to read all of this information first and get accustomed to the different terminology they use, and also get used to navigating around on the site. Even though setting up and selling may seem like a piece of cake to many individuals. It really can be a bit confusing for some folks who are not tech savvy. And there really is a bit more to know before you get started selling on Ebay. You just have to set about a half hour aside an read all of the details.

Let's talk a bit about fees now. When it comes to anything that involves fees or money red flags seem to go up all over the place. And this is normal for most people to be concerned, especially when it comes to money and fees. After all you want to earn some extra cahs and not have to pay for selling your items. A couple of good points to remember about Ebay. First of all the first fifty items you list are free even if you sell them. And a second important point to remember is that if you do not sell an item, then you will not get charged any of Ebay's fees. So what are the different fees that you will eventually be charged on Ebay?

The following fees will be covered in much more detail on their site. And there is far too much information to mention here in this article. I will just give ,my reader's a brief overview of what you can expect from Ebay, in the way of selling fees. First off there are the insertion fees. The insertion fees are based upon the category in which your article is going to be sold in, as well as the starting bid, or price you plan on selling that item for. These insertion fees are not extravagant in price. They start off low and when you have an item that lists for $100.00 for example or more. Than the price will tend to rise, particularly as the price of your item increases. There is a also a table included on the Ebay site that will show you the insertion fee costs, for items ranging from ($0 to $100.00) and upward.

Final value fees are assessed, or charged to you account when you finally sell an item. This fee is what it costs for the buyer to purchase your item less sales tax. The shipping fees for sending your item out to the buyer are also included in the final value fee, in addition to any other costs accrued by the buyer. If you were wondering how, or where these fees come from; in order to pay your Ebay selling fees? They come directly from your paypal, or checking account that you had set up, as mentioned earlier in the article. It's always a good idea to keep at least a hundred dollars or so in your account to cover fees as you get started on your selling venture.

Ebay also has a few additional subsites, or sub categories if you will, where you can sell automotive related items. Also furniture and other larger pieces of merchandise can be sold on Ebay. They will be issued a separate fee called a successful listing fee. The successful listing fee pertains mainly to the catergory which you would list a used vehicle in for example.

You're probably wondering why all the fees and why is it necessary for a site like Ebay to charge such fees, just to sell used items that have accumulated over the years? Well just like everything-most things unfortunately are not totally free, except for the old gum stuck to the rails along the subway. Even though all of these associated fees may seem like a catch. There really is no gimmick's involved on this site related to selling items. Most sites like Ebay are offering you a great service, where they get a very small cut or percentage for selling your item for you, while you benefit from the much larger profit.

It's like purchasing a certificate from your local town hall, to let the town and people know that you are authorized, or allowed to have your yard sale in your designated town, on a particular day of a given weekend. And truthfully speaking, with far less hassles of setting up tables in your front yard and hauling all the junk to those tables.

Writing platforms such as hubpages for example, also charge a fee if you look at it from this perspective. They earn 40% overall from the useful articles you produce on their site. While you in turn benefit from the fruits of your labor, by receiving a handsome 60% profit. It may not seem like an awful amount at first to some. But believe me overtime just watch your Ad program earnings expand. It's just like that little piggy of yours-overflowing with all those shiny gold pennies, dimes, nickels and quarters, having been placed within, after many years of frugal saving.

But in summarizing all of this, you will undoubtedly find out sooner than later, that Ebay will earn you a handsome supplemental income. And all you have to do is get that account set up and start listing your items. Listing items will also be covered in more detail on their site. Selling items can also be a lot of fun, especially when you do not have to leave the comfort of your own home to do it. Besides loading all of that old used junk, that has been accumulating in your garage or basement, into your automobile, could be very laborious, not to mention-a real pain in the neck. In addtion the landfill you dump all of your used stuff in, may charge you a nominal fee, just to get rid of it. So with that all said...have fun and happy selling!


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    • Jlbowden profile image

      James Bowden 6 years ago from Long Island, New York

      Hello Cat:

      Yes you certainly can find a great many emails on their site. You can get good deals on old products that others are trying to get rid of. This can be a bargain in itself. Glad you enjoyed the read.


    • Cat R profile image

      Cat R 6 years ago from North Carolina, U.S.

      I found a lot of great deals on e-bay.