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Using Postcard Marketing To Reach Your Target Audience

Updated on May 29, 2009

The soul of every adverting campaign is your target audience. You must indulge the needs and wants of the consumers you are trying to reach in order to make your marketing plans give you the very best advantage. You don't have to invest a lot of your business capital in order to brainstorm a well followed through marketing advertising plan. Postcard marketing can bring your business message to your consumer market with whom you want to advertise the services or products your company is offering.

Postcard marketing campaigns may seem old school. It is an old method of advertising, but is still a workable method and still reaches those that may be interested in what your company has to offer, which that can help boost sales and gather loyal customers.

Reach Your Target Audience With Postcard Marketing
Reach Your Target Audience With Postcard Marketing

In order to assist your beginning in postcard marketing, The following are recommendations that your business can work with to proceed in assembling your postcard marketing campaign.

Having a working knowledge of the preferences of your consumers is very important because your entire postcard marketing campaign will be based on these individuals. Your market research into the target audience and their buying habits will give you key insight into where you should go with your marketing postcards advertising campaign. You want to have the very best intel into their demographics as well as their buying habits and their general needs in relation to the products or services your company offers.

Postcard Marketing Success Manual

Postcard Marketing In An Online World: Success Simplified!
Postcard Marketing In An Online World: Success Simplified!

This book will teach you how to: 1) Plan Your Marketing Budget 2) Design Effective Direct Mail Pieces 3) Develop Effective Offers to Drive Response 4) Keep a Steady Flow of New Business Coming In


To successfully branch out with your marketing postcards advertising campaign, you must have a standout design that will catch the eye of a high percentage of the target recipents. The goal being, you consumers will be less likely to just look over your card at the garbage can and toss it out. If your company is small and on a budget, you could do the postcard advertising look yourself, but if you are investing in this kind of advertising campaign you will be better off hiring a copywriter.

When you are trying to reach your target market with postcard marketing, your message must be short, to the point, and memorable. You only have moments to get someones attention and the copy must stand out and demand that notice be taken.

Do not skimp on who you choose for your printing company. Write up a detailed quote request and get at least five quotes from reputable printing companyies. While a place like Kinko's or VistaPrint can handle this kind of task, for a large campaign, make sure you work with a company that works one on one with the client and is prepared to devote time to your needs. The last thing you want is to spend hundreds on the postcards and postage and fail with your efforts because the printing was done on cheap cardstock or the ink was not high quality.


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    • andromida profile image

      syras mamun 

      9 years ago

      nice article.I will try it out in my marketing plans.thanks.


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