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Using Sales Lead Tracking Solutions

Updated on January 8, 2018
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Tamara Wilhite is a technical writer, an industrial engineer, a mother of two, and a published sci-fi and horror author.

What are Sales Lead Tracking Solutions?

Sales lead tracking solutions are software applications that allow managers to review lists of contacts and delegate assigned contacts to sales personnel. Track sales reps performance with sales lead tracking. Sales lead tracking solutions can automate status report generation and metrics collection, allowing data to be generated and analyzed for the entire sales pipeline.

Sales lead tracking allows managers to see how many sales leads each rep is contacting each day as well as the success rate of each in actually generating sales. Sales lead tracking software allows you to generate sales reports for the entire team, presenting the sales funnel for the whole organization and individual staff members. This helps managers identify their best sales people compared to those simply making as many calls as possible.

Sales lead tracking tools allow your business to identify areas for improvement in the marketing, sales and support departments.
Sales lead tracking tools allow your business to identify areas for improvement in the marketing, sales and support departments. | Source

How to Use Sales Lead Tracking Solutions

Sales lead tracking solutions can be more than a sales force management tool. It also helps managers identify their best customers so that they can maintain contact with their most valuable customers. Use sales lead tracking solutions to automatically generate tasks to follow up with customers a week after placing a new order to ask how they feel about the purchase.

Review sales and contact database information for customers who have not been buying product to make support calls, asking how your company can help them make best use of their product or offer the next generation of the product.

Prevent mistakes by maintaining an individual sales database file for each customer. Include the full name of the primary contact at the company, all other purchasing personnel, administrative assistants and lead engineers. Record contact information such as phone numbers, email addresses, fax numbers and addresses.

Capture details about personnel with your customers’ firms and changes in roles or job titles. Performing sales lead information capture up front prevents costly errors such as asking for someone six months after they have left the company or desperately searching for the phone number or fax number of a major customer’s manager.

Failing memory or lost business cards will no longer cost the sales rep the sale if the information is captured up front and then maintained.

Integrate sales lead tracking solutions with your web site landing page to automatically collect sales leads from interested customers and forward them to sales reps to contact the next business day. Use sales lead tracking solutions for email list building.

Create separate email lists for possible contacts and active customers. This streamlines marketing and customizes communication campaigns so that current customers do not receive generic solicitations and merely interested parties do not receive deals limited to current customers.

Update sales lead tracking software as customers return calls or place orders. This allows your organization to determine which salespeople are turning leads into sales. The customer demographic information also tells you which groups are buying your product.

Sales lead tracking software gives managers the information to determine which business operations are losing the most potential customers and where customers get lost. With this information, choke points and areas of poor service can be targeted for improvement.


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