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Dead Time Management

Updated on September 27, 2010

Time Management While Travelling

Time management is never thought of when we are moving from one place to another. While in a traffic jam, what will you be doing? Are you doing something productive? While waiting for a friend at the mall, and she is really late.... do you just stand there and wait for the next 30 minutes? It is interesting to see how each person has his or her own ways to manage time. I guess each one has different priorities and habits that determine how time is managed.

Good Time Management
Good Time Management

Dead Time Management

How then can we manage Dead Time? or I would rephrase.... how do we manage time efficiently and purposefully? We are creatures of habits. We just get used to doing what we are used to doing day in and day out. We must acknowledge that this is a problem most of us have. First.... let us locate the possible Dead Time or time segments which see us staring aimlessly into the air doing nothing, in our 24 hours.... when you can actually do nothing productive.

  • You just missed your bus, now you have to wait for 30 minutes.
  • You are 20 minutes early for an appointment, and decided to aimlessly walk around to KILL time.
  • Your friend is late for an appointment... just 15 minutes late.
  • You commute by train 1 hour per trip.
  • You spend time to sip and enjoy a cup of coffee 30 minutes.
  • You are stuck in a regular traffic jam or slow traffic which will keep you in your car for the next 1 hour.
  • You have set 30 minutes for your cake to bake in the oven.
  • You have just marinated your meat and you are just planning to wait for an hour before you work the meat dish.
  • You have just put your laundry in the washer/dryer and waiting for the next hour to get by quickly to fold and keep it.
  • You have just attended one class in school, and you have 2 hours before you attend the next class.

Understanding Dead Time

I never came across this term until recently. Time if not used purposefully, or left to pass by without doing anything will see each second dying away. You can never retrieve it at all.

We are only given 24 hours a day. Sleep is necessary, deep and restful sleep. Working hours or school hours are fixed, if you are a productive worker or student. Eating a meal - this time is a must. Family time of interaction - is a must, not to be compromised. Yes, there are segments of time which are non-negotiable.... you just need to do it.

Dead Time is when you are waiting for a friend or commuting in a vehicle... and you are just looking around aimlessly... to the left, right... then far away... then with a blank mind. There is just mere wasting time doing anything productive or purposeful at all. You may want to sit down and reflect on each day's activities, and write down what you did for the day and how you have used certain segment of time in your day. Surprises! You may find you have 1 hour of dead time for that day.

Efficient Time Management

I think the list of dead time can go on and on, according to your career, lifestyle, habits, etc.... It is so important to use that 24 hours God had given us... and use it purposefully and efficiently.

There are so many things you can do with dead time. Some suggestions....

  • Listen to a motivationals talk on CD, MP3
  • Read a book of interest to you
  • Visit the Bookshop or library if you are at the Mall waiting
  • Write your journal
  • Jot down the list of tasks to complete for the day
  • Make a call to encourage a friend
  • Write a "thank you" card or letter to a friend
  • Visit a friend in the office if it is within the same location
  • Work on your school or work assignment

So.... I think there is so much more to add on.... let me have your views and share your own ways of eliminating Dead Time purposefully.


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  • jollytan profile image

    jollytan 9 years ago from Singapore

    Thanks Moonmaiden for your sharing. I saw you had two similar entries of comment, I had to delete one of them. Knitting is a great idea... I like what you shared from the video you watched. If we are mindful of our time, we will definitely think of doing things that are meaningful, purposeful, helpful.... Yes! I saw people dozing off in the trains and buses... that is what sparked me off to write this article to share. We can definitely make better use of our time.

  • Moonmaiden profile image

    Fayme Zelena Harper 9 years ago from Lucerne Valley, CA

    Last night I was watching an online video of a teenager making a grill cheese sandwich, so she had to toast the bread, butter it, slice the cheese and microwave it. So she puts the bread in to toast, turns on some music and stares into space the whole while it is toasting. Finally it comes out, then she goes to slice the cheese. I couldn't help but wonder why she didn't slice the cheese while the bread was toasting? Maybe it never occurs to people that you can get a lot more done if you don't just stand there twiddling your thumbs.

    I always take knitting or another project with me in case I have down time.

    However I don't feel we should be busy on something 'productive' every minute. Self-hypnosis during down time is a great pick me up. Or try isometric exercises, juggling, reciting your favorite poem from memory, practicing your song lyrics & so forth.

    The only thing you can never replace is time.

    Yesterday on the train I taught someone to knit, studied how to use a knitting loom, made some phone calls, wrote in my travel log and so forth. The trip went by really fast. But I saw a lot of people just dozing in their chairs bored out of their minds.

  • jollytan profile image

    jollytan 9 years ago from Singapore

    Thanks Mon. Yes, having a pen and paper on hand is so important. I usually carry a pocket size notebook and pen. Jotting down ideas and thoughts... can later share it with others online.... or use for work. Wish more people know how to manage dead time.

  • monitor profile image

    monitor 9 years ago from The world.

    I like this hub a great deal. Thank you. Dead time is such a waste. In my day to day life I always carry a paper and pen. When I find myself pushed into dead time I start writing. I write all sorts of things and am amazed at how constructive I can be sitting on a corner.

    Your fan.