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Using YouTube For Fun And Business

Updated on September 30, 2013

YouTube has grown to become one of the most successful and most visited entertainment sites in the world. The success of the YouTube site has surpassed anyone’s expectations and has gone on to give critics of the internet something to think about. In a day YouTube often has millions of visitors, each spending more than 10 minutes in average on the site. Whether it watching clips of your favorite movies, downloading your favorite songs or just uploading clips you have shot yourself, YouTube is fast becoming the leading entertainment site for all people. Perhaps the greatest question for entrepreneurs is how they can use this site dedicated to entertainment to promote their businesses. The success of internet marketing is unquestionable, it is less costly yet the target population is in millions in addition to being quite convenient. Marketing through the internet ensures that you have access to more than enough of the target population to make your products and services a success. The internet gives entrepreneurs a chance to reach international markets and compete with the multi-national corporations. For entertainment sites such as YouTube, many companies and experts feel that they have some untapped potential.

Chances are that by marketing on these sites you not only invest little in terms of money and other resources such as labor and capital but you are also able to gain far much more than you could imagine in terms of promotion and clientele. With a few techniques and tips you can be able to use YouTube not just for your entertainment but also for the promotion and growth of your business.

YouTube can be used to make marketing presentations of your company much in the same way as physical presentations. Marketing presentations often involve talking to a group of interested consumers of a certain product. For example in the case of pharmaceutical companies specializing in memory recovery drugs, the main clientele include homes for the aged, social workers and health workers working with the aging population. These target population can be gathered and presented with a slide and video presentation that covers the advantages of the specific drug being marketed. On the other hand it is often quite difficult to get the target of your marketing in one area; therefore often you may be required to make the presentation to the population at their place of residence or work. However, you could easily prepare the same marketing presentation making it as entertaining as possible, record it into a quality video which you can edit to ensure it captures the highlights of your presentation in the shortest duration possible. Once the video has been recorded and edited then you can upload them on YouTube. The trick to gaining more viewers on your video and hence reach a larger market is to give the video a catchy title and ensure that the content though promotional and professionally presented is also entertaining. Make the video as easy to understand and short as possible. Not many people will spend a lot of time watching promotion and marketing videos so you need to capture the interest of the YouTube watcher immediately.


The second way to market yourself via YouTube is to portray yourself and your company as experts in the field of product that you provide. Companies can offer tips and techniques for consumers to use to make their products more effective or work for them in a better manner. Many times companies and businesses focus so much on marketing through advertising and highlighting the benefits of their services and products, that they forget the consumer may be unaware how to make the product and service work for them. By offering tips and techniques of using the products you portray yourself as the live in expert on this matters and who are better to buy from than the experts. Tips are an easy way of reaching skeptical consumers and overcoming the barriers involved in forming a relationship with the consumers. For example if you are promoting a pain killer, you could call in doctors and other medical experts to discuss the different ways one can cope with pain in certain body parts. Upload these videos on the internet via YouTube and the more they are watched the more people begin viewing you and your company as experts in the field. The videos work much in the same way as television and radio advertisements, only they can be as long as you like and they cost much less than television interviews and advertisements.


Another very effective way of promoting your business through YouTube while enjoying the entertainment is to leave comments and engage other users in discussion in areas which your company specializes in. This way, you do not seem to be marketing the product directly, yet you still come out as an expert and put the name and brand of your company in the market. Thousands of videos are uploaded on a daily basis and each of these videos is categorized differently. All you need to do is find the specific category such as law, health care or personal hygiene that relates to your products and/or services, then leave comments and highlight the advantages of your product. However, it is important to note that trashing and leaving negative comments with regard to competitors only shows a lack of professionalism and portrays you as hateful and spiteful which could prove a hard image to break. When leaving comments try to be as positive as possible, bring in your expertise on the subject as a helper rather than a destroyer. Do not allow yourself to be engaged in negative discussion about other products, the best approach is to offer advice on what one can do the next time they use a product. Be sure to include a link through which customers can view your products or visit your company website for more information. You can either do this as a third party or the company owner.


To make clients feel even more part of your business and encourage loyalty, you can also take them on a tour of your company offices. Many companies record the production process, and take the consumer step by step to the different stages that the product goes through before reaching them. When the consumers use such a product they feel more as part of the company. In addition, you could also upload the different achievements and growth prospects the company has reached with the help of the consumer and the staff working to make things better for the clients. When consumers have as much knowledge as they can with regard to a company, they feel much closer and find the companies to be more trustworthy thereby ensuring their loyalty to the brand and company as a whole.


YouTube is a good marketing and promotional tool for the businesses and companies willing to venture into internet marketing. However, one must ensure that the clips uploaded are as entertaining as possible while still maintaining professionalism. The clips should also be short since YouTube users rarely watch one video for long. Companies can also request other users to promote and post links to their brand videos and marketing clips. Make use of the features in the YouTube site such as language options, annotations and insights to make your videos even more effective. Remember to take in all the needs of your target market when preparing the clips to upload on YouTube.


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  • Sandyspider profile image

    Sandy Mertens 

    7 years ago from Wisconsin, USA

    Very good information on using YouTube. I have an account there with a couple videos. Need time to utilize it more.

  • Treasuresofheaven profile image

    Sima Ballinger 

    7 years ago from Michigan

    Youtube is a powerful resource. Thanks for explaining the process. I like Youtube for entertainment and business. It has become the norm for me to watch and gather insightful information from Youtube.

  • ALL4JESUS profile image


    7 years ago from USA

    I need prayers for a friend who will be using YouTube. Thank you for a great Hub. I will send her to this detailed explanation.


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