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Vehicle Advertising Wraps and Decals

Updated on June 29, 2011

Car Wraps To Advertise Your Business

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Businesses need to save money just like consumers need to save money but a business that does not advertise has a much less of a chance of staying in business for the long haul. A business should strive at keeping their name or logo in front of consumers as much a possible.

Advertising is expensive and businesses don't want to waste time and money purchasing advertising to experiment to find out what advertising works best to drum up business. Placing ads in the newspaper cost a whole lot of money and that is why businesses/companies like Stamples, CVS, Macys, Sears, and JC Penny use the newspaper to advertise in addition to commercials. These huge companies can afford this kind of advertising. Smaller businesses/companies such as mom and pop shops don't usually have the funds needed to advertising in the local paper.

Perfect Examples Of Car Wrapping

Truck wraps to advertise your business.
Truck wraps to advertise your business. | Source

Vehicle Wraps

First I want to discuss and offer a couple of pictures about car wrapping.  Car wrapping has become so popular in the past few years because of the tough economy.  Businesses needed to find affordable ways to advertise to get their name or logo in front of hundreds and thousands of people per day.  Car wrapping is perfect for any business who uses their car daily to meet up with potential clients and perfect even while your driving around for personal reasons like visiting friends and family, going out to eat or taking a road trip for a weekend break.  Most people use their cars daily and having your business name or logo wrapped around your car is a sure way to get your business noticed.

Car Stickers to advertise your business on the cheap.
Car Stickers to advertise your business on the cheap. | Source

Car Windows Stickers

If wrapping your car, truck or van is not your style but you feel using a vehicle as a way to get your business name or logo in front of people daily, consider placing your business name or logo on a window. Car window decals are perfect.  You can place the decals where they won't interfere with your view/vision.  Placing car decals on the bottom of your rear window or on the left passenger side window are perfect locations to place the decals spelling out your business name or logo.  Another reason using window decals is smart is if you ever want to change it up you can easily remove them to replace the decals.  Decals are replaceable and you won't have to worry about the vehicles paint.

Advertise your business while not working.  Boat wraps is smart advertising.
Advertise your business while not working. Boat wraps is smart advertising. | Source

Boat Wraps

If your into fishing, sailing or speed racing boats, wrapping your boat with your business name or logo is another perfect example of inexpensive advertising while being noticed by hundreds and thousands of people.

Bumper Sticker

Over the years people would place bumper stickers onto their vehicles as a form of advertising. Bumper stickers don't cut it any more. Most of the bumper stickers I see on cars are praising their children, used to tell the world what religion they follow or promoting their kids school. A business needs to stand out and I feel bumper stickers are great for personal use.


Signtificsign also creates banners.  Because I write about the signtificsign business the owners Scott Greer and Nick Romano created a banner for me to use to help promote my Internet Business offline.  I bartered.  Click on the banner to the right to view larger size.


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