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Vending Machines Business-Vending-Soda Machine-Vending Machines Sale

Updated on April 26, 2015

Vending Machines Business-Vending-Soda Machine-Vending Machines Sale

The vending machine business can have many rewards for both the customer and the vendor selling items like soda machine products.

The item brands you choose to sell in the soda machines can either be rotated or use a set selected flavors.

Choosing the most popular brands would help result in a good vending machine sale.

Starting A Vending Machine Business

Starting a vending machine business is not difficult and research is always the best idea before starting any business.

If the machines are put in a good location they can pay for themselves within the first few months.

Places to Put a Soda Vending Machine

Some good examples of where to put a soda machine that would have good sales are:

  • Laundromat
  • Apartment Building
  • Car Wash

Some key things to keep in mind is to place the machines where there is a good amount of activity.

One good spot is like in the public laundry room of a large apartment complex.

If the owners haven't put any vendors yet and have one or more other laundry rooms then this could ultimately be a gold mine opportunity waiting to be had.

The next thing would be to work out a good deal to give the owner a set fee on a monthly basis. This would be per machine for use of the electric that is used to keep the soda cold.

The electric that these vending machines use isn't much more than what a regular refrigerator needs to keep it up and running.

After finding a good location and installing the vendor then regular monitoring is done to empty the profits and stock the machine with more inventory.

Depending on the amount of traffic to a particular machine frequent checks may have to 1-2 times per week or month.

It is best to check these more often during the first couple months to see what type of products are selling the most and how much.

Keeping a vending machine full of supplies always gives the customer a good selection to chose from. If their selection they enjoy is empty then it is more likely they wont buy anything.

Try to always keep the soda vending machine supplied with enough stock until the next visit. This will help increase the amount of profits made.

Look Around Your Area

Look around the area you live in and spot those potential spots that most likely would do good in selling soda and starting up your very own vending machine business.

Before you know it you might have 10 prospects that are interested in having you install a soda machine for their convenience with out the hassle of them having to fill it.


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