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Vested Interests

Updated on September 1, 2016

Just around the time Windows ‘95
was about to be launched, those of
us who used Linux were ‘stalked’
from one geeky venue to another
by the Borg. .

We used to make rude jokes about
using public bathrooms, in case one was behind us.

Linux was, and is, free. You don’t pay for it. Linux was, and is, virtually bullet proof. The most dangerous malware is not written for Linux and can’t damage the system. It passes as so much meaningless code. Linux was, and is, stronger, faster, better than proprietary software.

It is not difficult to use and there are less things to go wrong because it is better designed.

However, 90% of the World uses the Borg ware.



Marketing, advertising, and a nefarious practice of walking behind those who use Linux so as to discredit them as they move away is practiced.

Linux doesn’t pay people to Pimp for it. Those who use it have no vested interest in whether or not you use or don’t use it. This is contra Windows in which people are PAID to sell the product at every possible venue. One can see why the world has been lured into using an extremely inferior product; Marketing.

It took hacking/cracking and destruction of data bases to move sensitive organisations like Scotland Yard, like the F.B.I., like the C.I.A. from Gatesware to a flavour of Linux.

Sure, they could have saved Billions if they would have learned about Linux in 1993, but with all those Borg marching around assimilating everyone, they thought 'resistance is futile.".

This is because most people are very very vulnerable to the kind of Marketing that Microsoft uses. And, of course, it isn’t only Microsoft.

Vested Interest

Persons who have no 'vested interest’ don’t have any reason to try to outshout those selling products.

They have no reason to ride fifteen miles in a downpour to show up at some dodgy venue to to market their wares. Those who have a Pay cheque. to get will. And Further, if they are unsuccessful in getting a particular Ministry or Department to use one of their products they might be fired.

Their existence depends on selling the public a glitchy product that they knew was glitchy.

Their existence depends on proving to Senior Management that they were serious about selling, so they could hold their jobs.

How It Works

I remember standing with Forge, Bladerunner, Taipan, Airdog and other Linux users where Forge, in his quiet way was explaining why Linux was bullet proof. A besuited chap stepped up and began giving the Sales Pitch. Not exactly attacking Forge but claiming Linux had no support, didn’t run the most popular applications, yada yada. He did it all as if he was being ‘helpful’.

I didn’t matter to us that all those people walked off to spend hundreds of dollars on Borg ware. We had no commission to get, just a really good operating system.

Looking Deeper

As I’ve said before, in other venues, if someone attacked this writing site on another writing site we wouldn’t instantly race over there, create accounts to attack the attacker.

We have no reason to justify this site or defend it with every keystroke in our bodies.
We aren’t being paid to represent this site.
We are paid when our articles are published.

There are many articles on the Internet attacking publishing sites from Associated Content to Zujavi. No one is that upset, perturbed to attack these posters. If someone is a member of one of the attacked sites, and feels like it, they might say, "Well, that wasn't my experience."

It is only when one reveals the sordid linen of a particular site Those Who have 'vested Interests' go ballistic, running from site to site, spending time joining, just so they can disprovewhatever was written there.

They make wild allegations about the nature of the writer, being as insulting as they can, piling fabrication on top of fiction, leveling complaints as 'hate speech' and the like striving to make the public, assume there are ‘two sides’ to every story..

They have a Vested Interest.

* The Original Comment Capsule has been removed due to Hate Speech comments.


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