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Veterans helping Veterans start their own business making money saving lives, tornado proof shed distributors

Updated on August 12, 2019
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Building designing thin shell monolithic concrete homes since 1983 including dome homes and above ground portable 8 ton safe room domes.

Portable tornado proof garden shed
Portable tornado proof garden shed | Source

Miami Dade County Firefighter post Hurricane Andrew

As a firefighter for Miami Dade County, Florida during Hurricane Andrew I saw the need for more safe rooms so designed and built the safedome.

Portable 8 ton monolithic concrete dome due to its shape and design capable of withstanding winds of 200 or more mph. Any and every engineer asked says the worse scenario would be the dome might begin to slide. Thus far no safedome has sustained any damage from any storms since Hurricane Andrew except for door damage during a tidal surge Hurricane Irma.

1994 Lunar Construction Inc. was created to build monolithic concrete dome homes, virtually indestructible. Federal guidelines require that in order to obtain a construction loan federally guaranteed there must be 3 comparables!

Comparable is the price of LIKE homes sold within a 50- 100 mile radius of where you plan to build. In 1994 zero dome homes had been sold so even though over 40 request for dome homes none of these folks could obtain a loan due to lack of comparables. Next best, portable tornado proof backyard garden storage sheds.

Want your own business selling tornado proof storage sheds?

Do you have a location for setting a 10 foot in diameter 8 ton tornado proof shed? If so you can become a distributor of the safedome, UNLESS LOCAL RESTRICTIONS PREVENT A PORTABLE SHED ON YOUR PROPERTY!

As I see it a simple business arrangement that only needs legal jargon document to be signed. For the sum of say $5,000 plus delivery you will receive a safedome, it is yours sell it use it as a display. Your cost with known delivery is your base price from that you do your markup adjusted to your local demand, of course orders of multiple units affects pricing.

8 ton tornado proof dome easily transportable nationwide

9 safedomes to Ft Sill OK
9 safedomes to Ft Sill OK
Safedome off grid cabin
Safedome off grid cabin

Safedomes survived every storm since Hurricane Andrew zero damage

Every storm since Hurricane Andrew a safedome has been through with zero damage. Most recently Hurricane Cat 4 Irma devastated the lower keys of Florida including Big Pine Key. The safedome at Big Pine Key did not move an inch but the tidal surge of 10 feet ripped the steel door off. This event plus the Burtons bunkering down while the eye of Wilma went down their street for 7 hours 130 mph winds testimony adds to the security of the safefome. Tornado rating will depend on the tornado rated door ordered.

Post Hurricane Irma Big Pine Key
Post Hurricane Irma Big Pine Key

Miami Dade County Florida & Department of Defense certified shelter

The safedome has been endorsed by both Miami Dade County Florida and the Department of Defense.

When Miami Dade County aviation department needed a secure shelter for their employees stationed in the Everglades they looked at the safedome. By choosing the safedome it replaced the old rusted out metal shed and provided a secure tornado proof shelter at the same purchase, a one time purchase! The other alternative was to submit engineering plans and have a onsite shelter built, more costly for sure.

Hauling from Illinois to Fort Sill OK
Hauling from Illinois to Fort Sill OK

9 storm shelters for Fort Sill Oklahoma

When the base at Fort Sill needed storm shelters for the troops in the field if and when as tornado popped up they chose the safedome.

With units built at a location in Illinois DRD Enterprises contracted for the lifting loading hauling and unloading of 9 units to the base on time on budget.

The safedome can be hauled worldwide it only takes money.

Supply and demand uptick in storms equals demand for more safe rooms

Basic law of economics is supply and demand. No other shed company offers a shed that can save your life! My belief is that the first company to offer tornado proof backyard storage sheds nationwide will put a BIG hurt on the conventional metal storage shed industry. Logic says why would a person purchase a metal shed limited lifetime when for a few dollars more buy a lifetime shed that can save their life.

This fact will eventually sink into the budgets of local and state purchasing departments that buy storage sheds on a regular basis.

This is an opportunity for YOU to begin a business offering a life saving portable building, make money saving your community.

The real David Pressler Owner DRD Enterprises Inc of Davie a Service Disabled Veteran Owned Small Business Enterprise


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