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Visualize you360

Updated on April 9, 2009
Develop a feeling of where you've been and where you want to go!
Develop a feeling of where you've been and where you want to go!

Visualize yourself already there!

Preview 6... You first step in mastering the you360 series is...the first step in mastering anything for that matter is to develop a "feeling". Develop a feeling, a feeling of where you've been, where you are, what you're doing, why you're doing it and where you want to go; and why you want to go there …because you have to have a why. You have to know why you're going to do something.

I won't go into this very deep right now, however, one of the best methods of capturing your feeling is to just slow down, find a quite place, clear your mind of all the distractions and visualize where you want to be, who you want to be, and vividly visualize how you're going to get there; and when you're going to get there.

The Magic of creating a mental picture…

You see, visualization is a powerful method used to begin the change you're seeking. All you have to do is simply form a mental picture of where you want to go and who you want to be. Mental pictures will enable you to take charge of your life by developing a whole new self-image of yourself.

The magic of creating a mental picture is that it puts you in the picture. You can form these mental pictures and put some real meaning to them...positive meaning. Try and make these mental pictures as real as possible, because, remember when I said that you have to change the way you think? Well, this practice of visualizing, creating mental pictures in your mind is nothing more than your thinking process projecting mental scenes and mental pictures. You can go where you want to go and be who you want to be. Try's fun.

Here's the beauty of this mental picture concept…

Once you seriously take part in the exercise. Once you get the pictures on your disc. Once you put the pictures on your wall and you keep playing the video in your mind. It begins to work it's magic immediately, ceaselessly and effortlessly over and over until it becomes part of you …part of your being. A positive mental picture of yourself is the strongest force within you. As an added note...mental pictures and visualization works because about 80% of what you perceive is through the sense of sight (more on this later).

Now you know who you are and where you want to be...right?

Whether it's in your personal development or in your own business. Whatever path you decide to take...lets say it's business. Whether you like it or not, when you make that decision and decide to go into business for yourself …you have to make a choice...a decision of what type of business it will be. Maybe it's a retail business, maybe it's a wholesale business, maybe it's a storefront brick and mortar business, maybe it's a mail-order business, maybe it's an Internet business or maybe you'll partner with me at selling Healthy Systems products on line …who knows?

Now what is your DMO?

This series, you360, is designed to increase your abilities in many areas of your life. But lets stick to business for now. So, lets start here. First you're going to have to make the choice. Second, you're going to have to make the commitment and third, you're going to have to put together some sort of action plan …an action plan to get your product out to the market place. That action plan will be your DMO (daily method of operation).

At this point, let’s address one very important aspect. That is, why do you go into business? There are as many reasons as there are opinions. There is 100’s-1000 of reasons to go into business for yourself. But one thing is for sure; you go into business to make a profit.

Am I going to have to sell?

Now, to make a profit, you have to somehow get your product out to the market place. And to get your product out to the market place, you have to make sales. Oh no, oh no, there’s that word, sales. I can't sell! I'm not a salesperson! I can't do that...I can't talk to people! I just want you to know right up front that when you make that decision, when you make that commitment and become a business owner. You automatically step into the roll of a salesperson. You are now in that sales position slot!

But that's okay, don't sweat the small stuff.


As usual, drink plenty of clean, fresh, filtered water with two-four ounces of the "best tasting aloe vera" everyday.

Know your supplier.


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