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Updated on December 27, 2009

Just How Valued Are Their Customers?

WalMart Lures Us In Again

I certainly hope your Christmas gift cards from WalMart worked---Even the third time is not the charm! WalMart has duped, lured, swindled, deceived, and screwed us once again! It's a scam, I tell you! About five years ago, I bought a twenty-dollar WalMart phone card for my son who was on Army maneuvers in Kansas. The card didn't work. It didn't work there, it didn't work when he sent it back to me, and it didn't work when i brought it back to the store. "Whoever checked you out must not have scanned it, so it won't work unless you buy it," the WalMart sales clerk had the nerve to tell me. "Do you have your receipt?" Well, yes, I'm in the habit of saving receipts for money that I've already purchased weeks ago! What do they think; of course i don't have the receipt! Needless to say, I've never purchased another phone card there. Twenty dollars is a lot of money to those who don't happen to have it! And forking out more is even tougher when you want to give to your children, especially when they mean the world to you--especially when they are serving our country and our heart cries for them!! And what's worse, is that WalMart fails to honor the card that they sell and the card that people purchase in good faith!

Not too long ago, i was informed by WalMart that the gift card that i was given by a relative could not be activated because i didn't have the receipt. It was ten dollars. Since i didn't want to embarrass the giver, i let it go. But now it's gone too far and I'm angry. It's about time that WalMart atone for their actions (in-actions).

How many of us are aware of what someone will give us for Christmas? When a holiday comes 'round, should we put a sign on our door, on our back, on the windows of our vehicles and signs on our desks? Should it state: "When giving me a gift card, please save your receipt or WalMart won't honor them, regardless of what you paid." When someone wants to give you a gift, should we push it back to them and tell them, "I'm sorry, if you haven't included the receipt, i cannot except your gift; you'll have to give me something else."

This year, i received a WalMart gift card from my son for Christmas. He is a Marine. Guess what? I can't use it. Nope. "Not possible", the woman in accounting tells me. "Unless you have a receipt with a number, you cannot activate it." Well, let's see, if my children spend their hard, well-earned, money at WalMart to buy their mother a gift, then i expect WalMart to live up to their promise. What military personnel out in the field saves his receipt for something that they trust to send home to their family? If you are in the military and you believe that WalMart will not jerk around their "valued customers" why would you save a receipt? The card reads: "Valued Customer". Just how well does WalMart value their customer when one purchases a debit card in good faith and then refuses to uphold their end? WalMart seems to think that they can lure customers in by not informing them that their receipt must be kept in order that they can activate the debit card. Why on earth would they even have it set up in this manner? Oh, I know why! Give me one hundred dollars and when you lose the receipt, oops! I, the large, monopolizing company wins--and you're out, buster! (every dollar that a customer has fits very nicely in their pocket)!

True, the card does have a paper attached--I, as a purchaser, would never think to read it at time of purchase if I never use such a card, have never used such a card and if the store doesn't prepare, warn or instruct me in using such a card. Why would i read it? Why does the sticker affixed on the card fail to state that the card can only be activated with the receipt? This paper looks to be for the person who actually uses the card. And lo and behold, the title of the multi-folded paper attached to the card reads: "WalMart MoneyCard Cardholder Agreement by GE Money Bank". Yes, i just received the gift of this card, so that now makes me the cardholder. Why would i have the receipt?? I think that WalMart is well-aware that the unknowing customer will throw away their receipt and thus, WalMart reaps the ill-gotten dividends when they don't have to redeem the funds from their "valued customers". This is called FRAUD, WalMart!!

WalMart's we call it 'shame', is that they are actually stealing from the very customers that they supposedly "value." The only value to them that we are as customers is that we give them our money and they keep it and pretend we've done something wrong and dismiss us like preschool children. And here we are, our children serving our country who are out there on the front protecting the rights of businesses such as these just so they can turn around to screw us over! Is this how you honor our military, WalMart? Bend over America, WalMart is in town! Merry Christmas!

My advise to everyone out there in WalMartLand is to 1) purchase your cards from the bank or another store that truly values their customers or 2) give your loved ones your hard-earned money in cold, hard cash--and know that there will be no lying, stealing deceitful, thieving company that is going to keep it or laugh in your face!

Army soldiers - Marines -- Your fellow buds are being screwed again; are you going to stand for this? Spread the word! Air Force, Navy, Coast Guard -- how many of you are getting screwed by WalMart? I shop at WalMart almost every single day. I think to spite their low prices, i need to start shopping elsewhere. Have you noticed that their "Great Value" items are NOT made in the USA? I don't condone liars and thieves and those who are unfaithful to our good country of the United States of America where Freedom is still FREE. Let's patronize those who deserve it; patronize the small guy and rebuild America!


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