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WSAffiliateNetwork Review - Does it really help you make money?

Updated on September 16, 2012

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When I first know about WSAFFILIATENETWORK it was from Youtube and a guy name Russ Howe. I learn that the program has incorporated the GDI affliate business which I am already a member since 2006. GDI is a legitimate online home based business running over the years since 2000 and people are earning through referral commission. The product of GDI is website hosting with the .ws extension, but today they have incorporated other extensions as well.

Although GDI's website hosting service is a little bit expensive from other hosting company's, one thing they pride from others is the business opportunity they offer. New members are given 7 days trial before GDI charge $10 per month. This trial will give you the opportunity to start your online business for free with complete usage to all its service (website, customize email,wordpress blog,forum and etc..). You can as well invite friends and family using their invitational system, just enter their name and email address. GDI will take care of the invitation message to those contact you've provided. All you have to do is to let know those people that you want to help them build their business in GDI.


Although GDI has provided you with the marketing materials that you need to start your online business, the challenge is how to use them to build your network. When I first started with GDI it was not easy for me because the country that I live in does not engage into online transaction unlike other countries. So it's hard for me to invite my friends because they don't have credit/debit to do online transaction. So what I did, I created mini blog sites with subscription form and build a list of interested people which later I put them in my GDI's invitation system. It took me a year to see results mainly because I just started to learn and I really haven't taken this business seriously before. I tell you it's not going to be easy and it can take a lot of time building your network without a tool.

The WSAffiliateNetwork tool makes your GDI business easier because almost everything will be automated including the Autoresponder - automate messages to your prospects. However you may broadcast your own message if you wish to send personal messages down to your entire network.

The Capture Pages

The Landing or the Lead Capture pages are very important aspect in building your business. You might have notice that many internet marketers used this technique because it sells well. That is also why I decided to use this tool because of this feature. Take a look at one of the Lead Capture pages they have. When your visitors enters their email, they'll be responded by an auto responder with a welcome message and how they can get started. Because of this, you don't have to write personal emails especially when you're in vacation. All your prospects and leads are organized very well too.

Lead Capture Page
Lead Capture Page

Training Modules

Inside the control panel, you will have access to 7 training modules that will teach you on how to send traffic to your WSAffiliateNetwork site. The modules contains step by step instructions that you can easily follow, plus a video that will demonstrate the process. Once you get into the training module, Lester has revealed tools that you might not have use before. I was delighted to see that LinkedTube tool and the keyword Youtube tool. I never thought they existed. There are lot more tools that you'll find very helpful in the training modules. Here are among of the training modules that you'll going to learn.

Training Module #1: YouTube Mastery Revealed

Training Module #2: Don't Purchase GDI Leads

Training Module #3: Article Marketing Traffic Secrets

Training Module #4: Automated Offline Lead Generation

Training Module #5: Safelist Sample Emails

Training Module #6: Case Study

Training Module #7: GDI Missed Signups

Marketing Materials

You have 4 marketing banners that you can embed on your website or blog site. It is professionally done in different sizes. I used the square type because it converts clicks very well.

You will also have a promotional video that you can upload on Youtube and other video sites. Uploading it on video sites can increase your business exposure and thus increase traffic to your website.

Lastly, an impressive 25 promotional articles that you can rewrite and post them on your blog sites or submit them on some article sites. These are great stuff that you'll find useful.

Join my team and I'll make sure that you get all the tools that I used to succeed in this business. Decide today not tomorrow.

The WS Affiliate Network Is A Free Online Business Opportunity That Provides You A Simple 3-Step Formula To Make Money Online With Our Unique Marketing System.

The video was created by Lester Diaz who had helped a lot of new members including me in making money on GDI fast and easy. This is the best affiliate networking tool I had tried in my entire online marketing experience. I wish you could try it too. If you're struggling to build your GDI business then I urge you to try wsaffiliatenetwork tool. It's absolutely free but if you're an existing GDI member you may have to subscribe only for $5 which is not bad because all the tools and training that you can learn and use is absolutely worth it.

So if you ask me if the wsaffiliatenetwork really makes money? then I would say YES. It's a great tool for new or old members of GDI.

Go to My Profile and Subscribe to My Make Money Online Tips - CLICK HERE


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      Thank you..

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      Great info! Voted up, useful for sure!