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Want to Boost Your Potential and Profits? Boost Your Focus First!

Updated on May 9, 2019
Dylan Buckley profile image

Dylan is a freelance writer specializing in self-development, cryptocurrency, and business who loves producing helpful content.

There are only so many hours in the day, which means that there is only so much time you can allocate to certain activities and projects that you need to accomplish. With this in mind, many think that the most important skill you can learn is how to properly plan your day and schedule your activities in such a way that you are able to get more done throughout the day. While planning is certainly an important skill that is needed in business, there is one far more important skill that heavily plays into the planning process: focus! If you are unable to focus and get things done, it doesn’t matter how you manage your time and schedule your tasks because you are never going to be able to focus well enough to get through your day. If you feel like your lack of focus is the main factor contributing to your inability to reach your potential and run your business successfully, here are some amazing tips that will help you to better focus and power through your tasks!

1. Keep Motivational Reminders Near Your Work Area

When work becomes simply about a paycheck, it is extremely hard to stay focused and motivated because you are only working for pay. When you have a reason to work, it is much easier to stay on task as you are also working towards the goals that you are seeking to accomplish. Regardless of whatever this motivation may be, keep reminders around you that you can periodically look at when you feel discouraged, tired, or bored. These motivations should be strong enough to keep you going even when you don’t feel like it. Whether it’s a goal written on a notepad or a large vision board, keep a reminder close to you that will help keep the cogs of focus and motivation turning.

2. Set a Timer

I don’t know about you but there is something about being timed that kicks my butt into high gear. The sound of the clock ticking forward and the pressure of achieving a task within a certain time frame certainly encourage me to keep moving instead of losing focus as I would if I felt that I had unlimited time to finish a task. If you feel the same, you could easily set a manual timer, use a Pomodoro timer, or use a timer application to achieve the same effect. A timer helps to establish personal accountability.

3. Work With Others or Let Others in on Your Goals

Speaking of accountability, this is another great tool that you can use to stay focused. When other people are carefully watching over your progress or engaging in those same projects with you, it becomes easier to focus as you have someone who is counting on you to follow through on what you say you are going to do. A great way to accomplish this is to work near others where you will always be monitored or to publicly announce your goals either in-person or via social media and then keep them updated. When it is not just you who is in the loop, you have a further desire to stay focused on making progress.

Although these are only a few tips for those who are continually unfocused, they are certainly three great ways that you can get the ball rolling. Show up, sit down, and follow through using the tips above. Also, please feel free to let me know whether or not these tips work for you and if you have any personal tips that you have used to maintain focus in the past!

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