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How to Create Wealth from Your Dump yard

Updated on September 1, 2009

Global Wastage of Wealth

Verms at work
Verms at work
Nature's Own hardworker
Nature's Own hardworker
Global Scenerio
Global Scenerio
Where it Goes
Where it Goes
Waste Burden
Waste Burden

Waste to Wealth


Waste to Wealth

Definition – Anything which we discard is considered as waste. Which is becomes use less as per our consideration. But this is not true. This is precious wealth we are discarding. This waste can be converted to wealth; everyone can do it at its backyard and governments at bigger level. This will solve many problems.

Environment –

 Proper handling of all kind of waste will save environment. This is first and foremost challenge, to save environment. It will generate energy and power. Oil and fuel prices are going high and high, we need alternative to save oil and find out alternative which will be at low prices and can save environment. Both these objectives can be covered by converting waste to energy.

Food is necessity and food prices are gone wild in recent past. We need sustainable agriculture which can save our land and our future. This waste can be converted to fertilizer, organic and precious. This will improve land quality and productivity by adding organic matter to soil.


As an example, by picking up aluminum cans on the side of the road and recycling them he could make a sixth of a professor's salary in just an hour. It is now an activity he does regularly.

o       Energy and Power

Thermal recycling involves incinerating waste materials and using the heat generated as energy. The technology would eliminate the need to bury most waste in landfills freeing up space that the emirate needs to grow. The method is used in countries such as Japan, Germany and Singapore.

A successful implementation of the thermal recycle method would cut down the amount of landfill space used by around 90 per cent, and thus only 10 per cent of the waste generated would need to be buried.

"The method will also give us alternative energy sources, and thus help to save energy and fuel. The main reason for us to implement this method is to solve the growing problem of waste control, not to save money,"

o       Plastic – Energy and Power

It may sound unrealistic, but it's now being touted as the technology of future for the power-deficit world.

"Plastic, a product of petroleum, gives a fuel better than petrol and diesel as the impurities are less when compared to the crude oil. Through the new technology, we can convert the waste plastic into oil (70%), gas (20%) and coke (10%)," said the official.

o       Compost

Solid waste means any garbage or refuse, sludge from a wastewater treatment plant, water supply treatment plant, or an air pollution control facility and other discarded material, including solid, liquid, semi-solid, or contained gaseous material resulting from industrial, commercial, mining, and agricultural operations, and from community activities.

o       Vermi Compost

There is a growing realisation that vermi-composting provides the nutrients and growth enhancing hormones necessary for plant growth. The fruits, flowers and vegetables and other plant products grown using vermi-compost are reported to have better keeping quality. A growing number of individuals and institutions are taking interest in the production of compost utilising earthworm activity.

The process of composting crop residues using earthworms comprise spreading the agricultural wastes and cow dung in layers as 1.5 m wide and 0.9 m high beds of required length. Earthworms are introduced in between the layers @ 350 worms per m3 of bed volume.

·        Waste Water

Waste water can be recycled for reuse. This will save billions of dollars. Scarce water is growing concern across the world. This provides us great opportunity to invest and get best of the returns.


All the waste has value in it, what is important, how we convert this to wealth; this is practical approach to sustainable tomorrow.  

This opportunity is worth billions dollars every year. Average payback period of just 12 to 18 months.


This will solve our many problems.

·        Environment problem, green house gas emission and safe tomorrow.

·        Save the scarce resources.

·        Organic and better products.

·        Good health so less healthcare spending


·              The most important of all we can make money, safe and secure investment, 18 months pay back period


Dumping World

Health Hazard


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    • profile image

      Bill (from gas grill reviews) 6 years ago

      Hi Zla, I also thought it was about getting rid of stuff you didn't want. I think turning waste into power is certainly going to be a big part of our future. I was reading a similar article in Time Magazine a few weeks ago.



    • Cemil profile image

      Cemil 7 years ago from Land Down Under

      Interesting Hub. When I first read the title I thought it was about garage sales, but nevertheless interesting read.