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Ways You Can Earn Extra Money Online

Updated on February 11, 2018

In today's worldwide economy, people are making money in many new ways. Every day there are new ways to earn money, as long as you are able to navigate new technologies and concepts. People today make money on their phone, through new electronic services, and with software that deposits the money directly into their bank account. None of these things would have been thought possible two decades ago, but today they are commonplace.

Who wouldn't want to find ways to make extra income, especially ways that keep making residual income, whether you work or not? Especially residual income that can be made with, in many cases, minimal upkeep.

Since the Internet began, people have been looking for ways to earn money off of it. Whether from selling merchandise online to selling Internet service, there are many ways that money can be made online. On top of that, there are many ways that include residual income, or income that keeps coming after the initial work.

If you would like to find ways to make money online, we will go over several ways you can do so, along with where and how to get started. Remember, however, that these are not "get rich quick" schemes, but they are ways to make extra income online. They are unlikely to allow you to quit your job, although there are exceptions.

Make Money Online By Writing

Probably the easiest way to make some side money online is via writing. If you have a hobby, interest, skill or knowledge, there is a way to tell people about it and make some money. Although the most widely thought of way to write online is via blogging, many people make money by writing and selling E-books, writing for larger sites, such as Hubpages, Ehow, About, and others, or by writing for websites that request specific subject matter.

Almost every person who has access to the internet has searched at one time or another for information on a given topic. This search can be for instructions on how to do something, a recipe, or for motivational or inspirational information. Whether this information is found on a single page, like on, or on a short video on your own Youtube channel, you can make money for sharing your own knowledge or experiences.

Blogging or other online content can also be via video. Many people have a skill or knowledge they can share and gain a profit, but may not be able to write large amounts of content, so they video or record instructions, commentary, or stories instead. Some of these bloggers do very well, actually.

Earn Online Income By Advertising

Although the other ways I have listed to make money online can be done on their own, this particular way depends on you having a website, blog, or some page on which to sell advertising space. You may be able to do so without writing much, such as with a video or photo blog or even a link based web page.

There are many different ways to sell advertising online. These range from selling a set add to a person or company, to signing up for an advertising service, such as Google Adsense, to place adds in specified places on your site, or even having a content farm pay you for ads they directly sell for placement on all their individual pages.

In any of these advertising avenues, you will find that there are certain types of advertising that pay more. For instance, a page that has information about automobiles would be more likely to be matched with an ad for an auto dealer through Google Adsense, which tend to pay better than, say, an add for Pine Straw. Utilizing tools like Google's Adwords Keyword Tool can help you to not only know which keywords or key phrases make more money per click, but also which ones tend to drive more traffic.

Earn Extra Income On The Internet Selling Items

This area of online income includes a wide array of possibilities. You can sell items online without even having a website by utilizing sites such as eBay, etsy, Craigslist and others to direct sell items to buyers. Some people make good money this way by going to yard sales, etc and buying used items, then turning around and selling them for a profit. If you choose to go this route, please make sure that you understand what the selling fees are on the site you choose, along with what you need to charge to cover your shipping costs.

If you already have a blog or a similar site, you can sell items through google affiliate ads placed on your website. These ads are usually commission based when a visitor buys an item. Finally, you could choose to sell specific items as an affiliate through websites such as Clickbank, Commission Junction, and others that will pay you commission or flat rates for sales, referrals, and information.

Earn Extra Income At Home Working Online

What Means Of Internet Income Do You Have?

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This is one of the newest and fastest growing areas of online income. Many people today are finding work online in areas of clerical work, journalism, editing, consulting and more. Often, working for someone via the Internet is on a independent contractor basis. That means you are less likely to receive benefits such as insurance, retirement and other things, which is why it is cheaper for the employer to hire someone online.

Obvious concerns with this area of online income would include dependability of the payer, the expectations of the payer, and making sure that you have all of the software or hardware you need to do the work and promptly get it to the employer.

There are several large companies, such as American Airlines, Xerox and others, hire people on a regular basis to telecommute full or part time. Some journalism opportunities include websites, larger blogs, and even online newspapers who hire writers from every level of experience and training. Understand that should you choose to make money this way, you need to know who will own your work. In most cases, the company that pays you will have sole ownership of the work you give them.


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