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Wealth Disstribution & Market Conpetition

Updated on June 17, 2013

In this book I discussed Warren Buffett Concept of Capitalism where he state that "Capitalism is all about somebody coming trying to take the castle." I interpret inflation as a consequence of an increase in the money supply to derive at the conclusion that Inflation does exist, and the only time it devalued our currency is when it causes Us to lose wealth, other than that it does not affect the economy.

I also discussed Mr. Chairman Ben Bernanke interview at the LSE where he explains the importance of priority by comparing a fire burning with the fire code. He said "I think it's a good advice in general if there's a fire burning; you try to put out the fire first then you think about the fire code."

I make the case that since interest is the ultimate cause for politic, no country is the sole proprietorship of its resources without catering to investors for development, which has made election in any country the interest of all investors. I discussed Adam Smith quote, and draw a different conclusion that "Under the condition of perfect liberty markets will lead to perfect equality." The proposed argument suggest that since market conditions can affect the welfare of the public directly or indirectly, it would seems reasonable to think whatever investment that isn't good for the public interest as a whole isn't good for the market.

I touched on austerity, describing it as the main cause that triggers deflation, causing prices of goods and services to decrease, while loans previously borrowed at the inflationary rate remains constant. I argue that It's the accumulated causes of these events that is referred as the bubble.

I explains Prof. Manfred Neef quote which states that "Growth is a quantitative accumulation. Development is the deliberation of creative possibilities." Some call globalization the agenda for the "One World Order", others view it has being inevitable, but one world order or not, trade between nations will always be encouraged for the simple fact that the exchange of goods and services, human capital, cultures & arts will always increase the possibilities for more trade.

Every industry is an independent market system, among which some countries are more dominant than others. I explain the effects of globalization as it relate to capitalism & professor Cornel West quote "Capitalism is promiscuous. It will lie with anything to make money".


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