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Web Based Time Clock Software

Updated on November 12, 2009
Web Based Time Clock
Web Based Time Clock

While most businesses are able to use the traditional employee time clock to keep track of the amount of hours spent on the job, some business cannot rely on such a system.  Between multiple office locations, telecommuting and remote employees, work at home contractors, and overseas colleagues, having a central time monitoring system for employees is not an option.

This is where web based time clock software comes in.  Instead of having  a time clock physically attached to a wall or a PC, the time clock is accessible to all of your employees on the internet at any time. 

Benefits of Web Based Time Clock Software

Some of the benefits to online based time clock software includes:

  • Not having to worry about time zones or employees spread across the continent or around the world.

  • No software for remote employees to install and configure - everything is online.

  • Web based time clock software providers will generally keep their database backed up, so no fretting about a loss of data.

  • Secure access can setup so only authorized PC's can be allowed to log and punch in.

  • No more manually calculating time for payroll, as the time will be automatically tallied by the time clock software.

Still Not Sure About Online Time Clock Software?

If you're still uncertain about whether web based time clock software is right for you, or you do not need something online, there are alternatives that still allow access to a time clock without the hassle of a separate time clock machine.

  • Read reviews about the top rated time clock software that allow employees to punch in using software installed on an in-house PC.

  • Learn about time clock software that allows employees to punch in at a designated PC or their own PC in a network.

And if you must rely on a time clock machine, make sure it is the best! Learn about biometric hand reader and fingerprint time clocks.


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    • profile image

      swifttime 7 years ago

      The Swifttime is an electronic web based application making it easy for employees and managers to improve work efficiency. Best suited for firms with remote employees and companies with hourly employees where proper documentation of working hours are required. This application can be accessed from any web based device like mobile devices(Blackberry or iphone). It has following advantages:

      · Provides a menu driven user interface.

      · High accuracy in payroll management.

      · Employees and managers can easily access this application via Internet or mobile devices.

      · No start-up cost is required.

      · Nightly backups of all data.

      · Helps to ensure compliance with federal wage and hour laws.

      · Advanced reporting module.

      · Integrated billing and invoicing module.

      · Data can be exported to Excel spreadsheets for further processing.

      · Integration with payroll programs like ADP, Quick Books, Peach tree and others available