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Website Resume Example

Updated on January 12, 2014

Resume Templates and Formatting

When I looked for employment in the past I would stress over how my resume looked to a potential employer. With the new generation using technology to assist in achieving almost every task, uploading an online resume for potential employers to easily jump online to learn about you has become an important part of a hiring process.

With the world gradually making the transition to paying bills without paper statements and checks to banking without deposit slips, I felt it was time for me to put my resume online. I've been seeking an Internet Marketing opportunity and felt it would make me impressionable to a potential employer if I had my resume accessible on the web. Guess what? It worked and I landed myself an Internet Marketing position with Browneden Enterprises.

I understand Linkedin is about making connections but you don't need to upload a resume to a particular website nor do you have to use a specific template to follow a format to make yourself impressionable. As long as you have an easy to read list describing your experience, skill and talent, each time you answer a Craigslist ad or apply to a job position at a company website, all you have to do is supply your Website Resume URL. If a company requires an email attachment, spare the few minutes to save your resume to your computer then you will have it saved to attach it to the email.

Yes! I landed a legit Internet Marketing position to an uprising production company. I'm already showing my worth and as long as I continue to produce results, I'll have a home-based or remote Internet Marketing job for future years to come.

In the past companies would request the most recent jobs people held first but I decided to list where I started first. I did this so the interviewer would have to scroll past and down to find out the most recent position I held. I went through a lot of trouble to put myself out there so I feel that an interested party should have to browse through all the steps I had to go through to get where I am now. Times have changed and in my opinion it is a two-way street. Yes, potential employers need to be interested in you but you need to be interested in them too. If I'm going to work hard I want to be passionate about the new position I might take.

Year 2009


January 2009 – Present​

Content Writer at Revenue Sharing Websites

I started my online adventure writing articles at Revenue Sharing Websites. My goal was to create streams of residual income the free way and because I knew nothing about HTML (Hyper Tech Markup Language) or creating Publisher codes to show ads on my articles real-estate space, I decided to go the route of writing articles at Revenue Sharing Websites.

The first Revenue Sharing Website I joined was Hubpages. Hubpages has come a long way but I have too. I watched Hubpages turn into a massively popular website. I've turned into a website developer but I still write articles using the Hubpages platform. Like the saying goes, if its not broken don't fix it.

The next Revenue Sharing Website I joined was Infobarrel. It took me a long time to adjust to the Infobarrel platform but just like with anything else I learned online, I needed to use it to learn how to use it. Infobarrel too has come a long way and continues to build a huge active member base. I still write an Infobarrel article occasionally and will do so for as long as I can.

Writing articles led me to an exciting future.

Adsense Publisher

After joining Hubpages I became an Adsense Publisher. I followed the instructions to apply to the Adsense Publisher program and within a few days I was accepted into the program. In order to generate revenue from my Hubpage articles, I had to submit my Adsense Publisher ID to my Hubpages account for Hubpages to show Adsense ads on my articles.

I had to follow the same steps to generate Adsense revenue from my Infobarrel articles. I had to submit my Adsense Publisher ID into my Infobarrel account and Infobarrel showed Adsense ads on my articles.

Amazon Associate

Writing articles on the Hubpages platform I learned about the Amazon Associate program. I learned that Hubpages content writers could earn commission by selling Amazon products. Of course I was interested so I followed instructions again to join the Amazon Associate program. Within a few days I was accepted into the Amazon Associate program and now I can add Hubpages Amazon Capsules to my Hubpages articles.

Chitika Publisher

I learned about the Chitika Publisher program through Infobarrel. At one time Infobarrel showed Chitika ads on members articles but they did away with it. I still use Chitika by adding ads into my website and blogs. Chitika works great with Adsense.

Year 2010 | Source
FreeWrtieRevenueStreams Facebook Page
FreeWrtieRevenueStreams Facebook Page | Source
HomeBaseIncome101 Youtube Channel
HomeBaseIncome101 Youtube Channel | Source

January 2010 - Present

Blogger By Google

In 2010 I started to use blogger by Google. I took what I learned from writing articles at Revenue Sharing Websites and moved up the ladder by adding Adsense ads, Chitika ads and Amazon products to my blogs. I took the time to become proficient at adding ads manually to my blogs but that taught me I did not have to split any generated revenue. I started a handful of blogs but of course I have that one favorite that I am proud of and update occasionally.

Facebook Page

As I continued to expand my online presence, I decided to open a FreeWriteReveueStreams Facebook Page. After using the FreeWriteRevenueStreams Facebook Page I noticed people gradually Liking the page and over time realized that each time I posted an update to the page I was able to see who saw the posts, liked the posts, shared the posts or commented on the post. Because of the growing activity at my Facebook Page I realized that people were faithfully following me.

Youtube Channel

It was time to crack down to learn how to record videos to upload to Youtube. I wanted to expand my web presence further and decided to regularly record videos to help promote my articles and blogs. I opened the HomeBaseIncome101 Youtube Channel and still practice what I preached in the first stages of building up the channel. This Youtube channel has become my miscellaneous channel.

Year 2011


​​​​January 2011 - Present


I built up enough confidence and decided to buy a Domain Name to develop a website. Buying a Domain Name is not necessary to build a successful Internet Business. It was a personal choice to buy a Domain Name and going to add content and update the website for decades to come. I chose to buy a package from Webstarts. I bought a Domain Name, receive Hosting service and use their Website Builder that is available from their server. I can work virtually from anywhere I have an Internet connection. Soon I'll be able to work on my website from my iPad too. Webstarts is in the process of making their Website Builder compatible to work on mobile devices.

Youtube Channel # Two

I had ups and downs with the HomeBaseIncome101 Youtube Channel so I turned the channel into a miscellaneous channel. I then opened an InternetEducation101 Youtube Channel and this channel became my main channel. I upload videos showing people how to use platforms and services available on the web and speak about new technology that has hit the market. If I use a platform, service or product and I like it, I'll do my best to show people how to benefit using the platform, service or product that works for me.

Facebook Group

I've made many connections with like-minded people by being active in Facebook Groups and because of the positive connections I've made, I decided to open one Facebook Group of my own and I love it. I started the Online Article Writers Facebook Group and in my opinion moderating one Facebook Group is enough to make hundreds of connections. My Online Article Writers Facebook Group has turned into a common place for lots of content writers, website developers and Youtubers.

Twitter Account # One

As time went on I realized that Social Networking would become a major aspect of building a successful Internet business. I was not the most savvy using Social Media but I knew I had to make myself savvy if I were to Internet Market wisely.


February 2012 - Present

Originally I thought I would simply become successful writing content about different topics but as I continued to develop the website a coupon company contacted me to ask if I would be interested joining their Affiliate program. I was a person who used coupons to save money when grocery shopping so I looked into their Affiliate program and decided to join. I became a Brandcaster Affiliate for Amazing. I practiced adding their codes to my website and that led me to make the decision to start has become a main source of residual income for me.

Facebook Page # Two

I felt my website would benefit if I started a LotOfCouponsDotCom Facebook Page. I use the Facebook Page to post when new coupons become available, healthier eating habits, money saving ideas and tips, food gift ideas and the like. My favorite task is to upload pictures of my grocery receipts to show followers how much money I save when I stock up on food, paper and cleaning products. Uploading a receipt picture is my favorite kind of post to post.

Pinterest Account

Pinterest hit the web and it seemed as if everyone I knew was Pinning so of course I had to look into it then decided to open an account. I did not use Pinterest that much in the beginning but all of a sudden I found myself uploading my own pictures and linking the pictures to my websites URLs, Youtube video clips URLs, article URLs, blog URLs, to my Facebook, Twitter, Google + and the like. Pinterest has become a main platform to market my online world.

Twitter Account # Two

Because I developed a website I had to create a Twitter account to help build up a following. The second time around was a lot easier compared to opening the first Twitter account because by this time I knew exactly what I was doing. I've built up a following gradually and look forward to the many more followers in the future. It's fun to Tweet.


May 2013 - Present

Instagram Account

I did not jump on the bandwagon when I learned about Instagram. I did not feel that I would benefit uploading pictures to the platform but after watching a lot of Internet Marketers have great success uploading pictures and adding Hashtags to the comment fields, I knew I had to make the effort to open an account. I now use Instagram regularly and look forward to using it for a long time. What I like best about Instagram is that they offer people an image code to easily embed an Instagram widget into a websites HTML code. I like adding Instagram images to some of my webpages.

Google + Accounts

It took me a long time to figure out how to use Google + and Google + changes at a rapid pace. Google connected all their services to Google +. It was a milestone for me to become proficient using the Google + platform and feel I still have a lot to learn. I run three Google + accounts and there is a reason why I run three separate accounts. One account is linked to my Adsense Publisher account and the other two accounts are linked to my two Youtube channels. I did not plan it this way but this is the way it played out so I decided to keep it this way and it is working for me. Google + holds a lot of weight when it comes to Internet Marketing and I'm grateful that I became comfortable using the Google + platform.

Twitter Account # Three

I did not have to open a third account but it felt right. I originally opened it to help me keep up to date with local news when on the go but then like everything else I used online, followers grew in count and the Twitter account got sucked into my daily Internet Marketing routine. I guess it was meant to be. @ForwardingNews

LinkedIn Professional Profile

LinkedIn was another platform that boggled me for a lot of years but then sometime during 2013 LinkedIn transformed their platform to be more user-friendly. I gave it another go and finally figured out how to navigate through the platform to create a Professional LinkeIn Profile. I occasionally update it and LinkedIn has gotten me noticed in a Internet Marketing field.

Roku TV Channel

Technology continued to evolve and that created more opportunities. At the start of my online journey I never imagined uploading content to my very own Roku TV Channel. Yes, my very own TV Channel! I realized that I could target an untapped audience to market my websites and Affiliate links. I do pay to run a Public Roku TV Channel but it is pennies compared to what it delivers in return. I pay to use a program called InstantTVChannel that allowed me to develop a Roku TV Channel and the program makes it easy for me to upload content. Anyone can develop a free Roku TV Channel but in order to get a channel listed into the Roku Public Channel Store, you must run a Commercial Roku TV Channel.


As I plugged along to become proficient using the InstantTVChannel program, one of the programers of the program introduced me to Vidillion. Vidillion allows Roku Public TV Channels to show commercial ads to generate revenue. WOW! I was in static. I was out of my mind with excitement and happiness. I believe I'm the first Long Island New Yorker who runs a Public Roku TV Channel that shows commercial ads between video clips. All commercial ads are 30-seconds or less in length and I set the system up to only show one commercial ad before each video clip plays. I don't have the commercials set up to saturate my Roku TV Channel because my main focus is to entertain my viewers not to annoy them. The Vidillion opportunity works very similar to the way the Youtube Partnership program works. It is not exactly the same but holds the same concept.


Throughout the entire year of 2013 I applied to dozens of Internet Marketing jobs in and around the area I live. I really enjoy and have a passion for Internet Marketing and marketing in general. A hobby became so much more and the day came when I stopped serving at restaurants to enter the field of marketing. I answered Craigslist ads, I applied directly to companies online and I even used Social Media platforms to try to land a job. Nothing worked and I decided to call it quits. I wasted so much time seeking an Internet Marketing position that I needed to make a call to move forward with my vision of building a successful Internet Business. The week I stopped searching for an Internet Marketing job was the week that Browneden Enterprises contacted me and offered me an Internet Marketing position. They learned about me by reading one of my many online resumes. I jumped on the opportunity and now can show off my skill and talent. I was hired to create a prominent online presence to one of their newest Alternative Hip Hop Artists. Darren Flame White Boy On Fire is who I need to make popular and to build up a following.

2014 Until It's Over

I find myself here sharing the path I walked to get where I wanted to be to become the person I wanted to become. Entrepreneurship is not for people who need to know where their next paycheck will come from, nor for people who appreciate or need a routine to follow and not for someone who needs to be told what to do next. I understand the comfort of getting paid each week for doing a job well done but after 30 + years of working to get paid a comfortable wage to make ends meat started to lose its weight in value. The economy crashed, people lost their homes, lost their jobs and found themselves without. I found myself surrounded by angry bitter people who had no direction. Because I'm not the best speaker, people never took me to be bright but I saw the economy crashing several years before it happened and I worked behind the scenes quietly to better my financial situation and took control of my life instead of it being controlled by others. I have put into place multiple streams of residual income to work for me even when I'm not physically working. I did not want to enter my mid-forties working as if I was still thirty. I did not want to lean on someone to survive. I watched technology evolve and saw opportunity then grabbed my second chance to better my financial standing for my future. I can now say I will never say I have regrets because isolating myself to build something from nothing is the best achievement I've accomplished in my lifetime to date.

My goal is to continue to build up my online businesses and to focus building a prominent online presence for Darren Flame White Boy On Fire Alternative Hip Hop Artist.

I hope you enjoyed reading my story to success and hope my story motivates you to achieve goals you set for yourself.

Thank You America,

Michelle Cesare

PS: America still is the land of opportunity.

Do you foresee new technology and programing jobs soon to open up in abundance?

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Do you feel many small to mid-sized businesses hurt their bottom line not putting energy into Internet Marketing?

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Do you feel people in general think it is easy to set up Social Media accounts and feel the Social Media accounts start working on their own without initial effort and without continuous action?

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