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Weebly - Free Webhosting That Can Utilized Google AdSense and Other Affiliate Links

Updated on January 2, 2014

Themes of Choices

Most of us want's a stylistic background, fonts and responsive themes, here at Weebly you can chose any themes you want to apply and its all free! All themes are Premium, it only depends on how you build your own website.

Themes Categories:

  • Bold
  • Corporate
  • Fun
  • Large Image
  • Minimalist
  • Simple
  • Unique
  • Sleek


Weebly is fit for small business owners whose start their own business and want to sell online. As well as bloggers, affiliate marketers who don't have enough budget to buy their own domain and web hosting. Weebly has a user friendly control panel, easy to build your own free website, drag & drop icons, pre-built Google AdSense Module, Store or Storefront, built-in blog, free beautiful templates and embedded code for other affiliate codes. Editable HTML & CSS is available, unlimited page, social icons, contact form, poll, survey, gallery, map, YouTube, flash file, doc file, easy to add products, add store information and Accept Payments (Choose how to collect money from customers)

Weebly Homepage
Weebly Homepage

What is Weebly

Weebly is a free Web Hosting Website that allows you to create your own free website or blog in your own choice (Upgradable to Premium using your own domain). Weebly also is an Ad hosted partner of Google so, you can monetize Google Adsense ad by applying to the program directly to the control panel of Weebly. The site also has a Designer Platform allows you to use Weebly as a Content Management System for all of your client sites. This means you can invite clients to edit their own sites while limiting the level of access they have to make changes to those sites. You can add unlimited Staff members to your account to help build / manage any and all of your client websites.

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How Create Free Website?

Getting a domain and creating your free Web site is easy, just go to sign up section, input all your personal details. After signing up choose any of the features like; Web site, blog, store, after you click one of the following choose your desire template. All instruction are you need to choose now your own domain whether you want a sub-domain for example; (, register new domain or your own existing domain if you already have then your ready to go, you're going to control panel directly to build your own free web site.

Guide to Create Your Own Domain and Website

Click thumbnail to view full-size
Drag & Drop Weebly Control PanelSign Up SectionChoosing FeaturesChoosing TemplateChoosing Domain
Drag & Drop Weebly Control Panel
Drag & Drop Weebly Control Panel
Sign Up Section
Sign Up Section
Choosing Features
Choosing Features
Choosing Template
Choosing Template
Choosing Domain
Choosing Domain

Free Website AdSense Status

Free Web Hosting
AdSense Accounts
Ad Code Placing Status
AdSense Availability
Sign up for AdSense Hosted Account
Drag and Drop
Ad is available upon application is approved
Yola Site
Sign up for AdSense Non Hosted Account
Integrate Code
Ad is available upon Non Hosted application is approved
Sign up for AdSense Non Hosted Account
Integrate Code
Upgrade to Premium account before you can place HTML Code

Easy AdSense

Drag & Drop Google AdSense Module
Drag & Drop Google AdSense Module

How to Monetize Google AdSense?

Monetizing Google AdSense is easy on Weebly, you don't have to go AdSense dashboard to create new Ad and generate code. Just drag & drop the module anywhere you want to place Ad (up to 3 Ad only every page) this is the maximum Ad to monetize as per "GA" otherwise, you'll get banned from the program and you don't want that to happen. But you can do this all like I said "you need to be approved first as a Google AdSense Hosted Publisher" before you see those monetize Ads going live on your Website or Blog, if your application is still pending all you can see is a Blank Ad.

Tip: Before you apply to Google AdSense as Publisher, complete first your Web site. Don't apply if you're still constructing your Website or Blog. Or else your application will be declined, create more page, blogs and don't place another widget or banners from other Advertiser.

Live Google AdSense Ad
Live Google AdSense Ad

Introduction tutorial to

Extra Income

Earn more at Weebly, for each friend you refer and sign up and publishes a website with Weebly, we'll give you both $10 that can be applied to any premium plan. You can utilize your own invite page dashboard and share the preferred link provided by Weebly, promote this link through Facebook, Twitter or blog. If you are a Share A Sale publisher, it is an take advantage because you can get the banner Ad code to integrate to your web site.

What Else to Monetize?

Affiliate Marketing links, product is great here to integrate if you don't have your own business or product to promote. Choose products related to your site title, this makes your Web site more relevant to your visitors.

List of Top Affiliate Program Provider

  • ebay
  • CJ
  • Clickbank
  • Linkshare
  • One Network Direct
  • Share A Sale


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    • Freelance-Blogger profile image

      Arnold Gamboa 3 years ago from Philippines

      Thank you also for reading my blog. In fact, I use Weebly to promote my small business which is unlabeled perfume

    • profile image

      Marllen 3 years ago

      Weebly is a great blogging platform, I made my first blog on it, but I didn't know they offer this great monetizing opportunities. I am now hosting my site on Windows VPS hosting provided by and it is much better option then having site on free blogging platforms. Thank you for your post.