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Weekly Money Making Projects

Updated on December 21, 2012

You Don't Have To Be A Genie!!

However.... It would be beneficial if you were!

I am NO genie, but I still manage to eek out a partial living from my internet marketing activities. I'm not saying that I am a guru, or that I am rolling in money that I have made online... All I am saying is that I am able to actively create a variable sum of money that helps to supplement my bag of peanuts that I get from my J.O.B. (just over broke) each and every month.

For me... That is a pretty good start and every little bit helps, right?

Every little bit DOES help and every single person should be happy with every little bit that they can get. (this phrase could potentially have double meaning... lol)

So... What are your goals? and How much money will you be happy making? are the questions that you should be asking yourself each and every day of your internet marketing lives.

One Week - One Project!

How to 'ORGANIZE' your internet marketing life to maximize your chances of being successful..

Aah! The joys of being an internet marketer.

  • Wake up in the morning at whatever time you want to.
  • Never have to commute to and from work.
  • Have bucket loads of cash that you can access whenever you need it.

Hey.... Wait just a minute!! Bucket loads of cash?

Well, not exactly, although that is what many programs promise their members just to get them to sign up to their dysfunctional programs.

Aside from the bucket loads of cash though, YOU CAN wake up at any time you wish once you have all of your systems and projects set in place. (Notice how I said "Once you have all your systems and projects in place...")

And YOU CAN enjoy the luxury of never having to commute to and from work. Just a short stroll down the hall to your workspace is all that is required...


Internet Marketing is far from EASY!! and it consumes major amounts of YOUR TIME!!


That is why you need to plan your projects and work your plans and strive to make the most out of every little bit of time that you have allowed yourself to work on internet marketing projects.

The Actual Organizing Part!

Yeah! I know...

The previous text module was titled 'How to organize your internet marketing life to maximize your chances of being successful'... but I didn't actually mention any techniques, did I?

Thanks for sticking around... Guess what's coming next!!

You got it, tiger (tigress)!!

NOW... I am gonna give you some tips on how you can better organize your life to increase your chances of being able to make more money on the internet by way of internet marketing and or affiliate marketing..

Here Goes.....

  • Eliminate Chaos =) NOT KAOS - KAOS is the organization that Agent 86, Maxwell Smart worked for on Get Smart. The word Chaos spelled correctly refers to the state of being disorganized. Disorganization basically comes from a persons inability to focus upon a single project and completing that project through to the end.
  • Create a PLAN =) Yes, that's right 'A PLAN'. Everybody knows that a person who fails to plan is a person who is planning to fail.
  • Write down your GOALS =) Go to the dollar shop and buy yourself some sticky notes, write a goal on a sticky note and stick it to your PC. Make sure it is clearly visible at all times and make it really simple like 'Make 5 bucks a day!' or something similar. If it is project related then it should say something like 'Finish project X before Friday'.
  • Be POSITIVE at all times =) Yeah! That's a biggie..... Always try to remain positive about making money on the internet. After all it is usually not the program that is faulty - It is the operator that is failing to use the program correctly.

The last statement above in my list of ways to be more productive directly refers to programs that clearly try to teach the end user HOW to achieve a certain end result. Some of them are clear and concise and have easy to understand instructions, BUT... some of them just plant a seed and leave it up to the operator to water the seed and grow it to maturity.

It is the seed planting variety of internet marketing programs that are commonly referred to as Scams. They are not all scams though, and some people become very successful using these programs.

Last but not least =) Join a internet based forum or a network of internet marketers that will correspond with you via email or skype and provide you with tips and advice on how to better create a workable plan.

I am a member of one such program that I can honestly say is the BEST of the BEST and saved me from the depths of the internet marketing quick sand pit.... This program has a top notch Forum (one of the most active forums on the internet) as well as hundreds of useful articles and resources about every single aspect of internet marketing that you can think of..

I highly recommend that you consider checking this program out because it really can help you..

The Best of the Best Internet Marketing Programs!

Here's to your SUCCESS!



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