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What Are Contextual Links

Updated on June 29, 2012

What Are Contextual backlinks and why are they useful

The contextual backlink is a way to create links back to a particular web page or website. Text that is on the page that a user will easily see when viewing a page. The popularity of any website depends on linking that is done to create backlinks within the content of the page. Search engines look at backlinks when a site is indexed for a search result.

Placing contextual backlinks on the content of a web page allows for organic visits to the page. Many types of backlinks can be found on articles that are posted online. However, links that are included inside the content of an article needs to be used sparingly. Too many links may make the web page appear as link spam and can be penalized by search engines.

Content articles that are written for websites need to provide useful information. Readers will often use contextual backlinks to find more information about the topic or content that is captivating. Links will need to highlight certain keywords in the content and need to be relevant to the article. There links appear in a blue color that will take the reader to your website.

Inserting contextual backlinks can be done by hand when writing the article or content. Another option that you can use is to use freelancing writing to add the links or create the content that will be posted on the page. If this option is used, you need to make sure that the content meets search engine standard or the web page will be penalized and given a lower ranking.

Articles that contain contextual backlinks need to be well written and easy for people to read. When articles are difficult to read, visitors will leave the page and ignore your link. Make sure that the words used on the page are easy to understand and not difficult to pronounce. If you are not proficient at this, find the services of content writers to develop the content for your web page. Articles will need to be full of the content to grab the reader and optimized for SEO.


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    • Ms._Info profile image

      Ms._Info 5 years ago from New Jersey

      Contextual backlinks are very useful. I get frustrated when I am reading a website and the author does not link out to content that that they are talking about in their article.