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How to Deal With Delightful Types of Interviews?

Updated on April 26, 2020
PrateekJain24 profile image

I had a habit of setting goals, but I was ignoring the most crucial thing. Making small efforts towards progress ultimate result in success.


In this article, I would like to share my own experience. I appeared in many interviews a year ago and had quite different experiences in each one. A quite successful in some of them but was not able to clear others due to distinct reasons. Later realized that one of the major reasons behind my failure in the interview was a lack of proper professional approach.

Likely to appear in an interview is the final stage post which can get you your dream job. Surely none of you wants to fail in the last stage of the selection process. Hence, I have listed down tips to crack many types of interviews that a candidate mostly comes across during this phase.

What is an Interview?

The word interview derived from the term "entrevue". It is an ancient French term. It means seeing one another or a formal meeting. Mainly, the person who takes the interview is called the interviewer. Besides the candidate who appears for the interview is the interviewee. In a formal meeting, a formal discussion is done between two or more persons. This is carried out to determine whether the candidate is fit for the vacant job role or not.

An interview is a question-answer session, where the questions are being put up by the interviewer. This determines the knack of the candidate to perform the job role. An interviewee is likely to answer the question through his knowledge, experience, and expertise. Also, the interviewee can clarify doubts if any. Unfortunately, most of the formal meetings are one-sided, where only the interviewer asks the questions and the candidate answers them.

Many times interviewers ask some groovy but tricky questions about the job profile. But the freshers somewhere fails to grab this striking opportunity. Hence, it is most important to know different types of interviews and their strategy.

1) Telephonic Interview

Until and unless you are not sure about the details of the firm it is advisable to avoid telephonic discourse. Here chances of it being a scam are higher. But, if you are sure about the firm background then you can appear for the telephonic interview. A panel meeting can also be conducted, where the conference call is an aid that allows multiple interviewers to ask questions. Meanwhile, in such interviews, your knowledge, skills, and common details are checked. Your skills to perform a job is judged by the courage you have in yourself while answering the questions. Mainly such interviews are carried out for customer care and tele-caller jobs.

Tip- Do not forget to greet the interviewer with proper telephone etiquette. They are only listening to your voice so try to impress them with your communication skills.

2) Video Interview

As the name implies, Video Interview is a face-to-face meeting over webcam. This is conducted by many worldwide companies who wish to hire candidates located in distant locations. It is usually performed via Skype or other video conference platforms with multiple features. Usually, the board of directors conducts a video interview when there is a screening for a key role in an organization. They watch the candidate behind the webcam without their knowledge. In a video conferencing candidates are not aware of how many experts have an eye on them and judge them based upon their response.

Tip- Introduce yourself in a very professional manner during the video interview. Try to pick a silent and calm place. Avoid any background noises as it may distract you. Most importantly, double check your audio, video and internet link.

3) Walk-in-Interview

Just as the name suggests, in Walk-in-interview a person who may be a client or a prospective employee himself reaches the respective office. They reach the place without any prior appointment for an interview. Companies mainly have walk-in-interviews when they want to recruit many people at the same time. It is an informal meet and greet sessions that tends to be relatively short and often consists of only a few questions.

Tip- Research thoroughly about the company, their vision and mission and people working there. Be prompt and polite when you are being interviewed. Wait patiently for your turn and don’t show any annoyance, if you have to wait long.

4) Group Interview

Organizing group interviews has become a trend in many organisations. In this type of interview, a set of similar questions are being asked from a group of candidates, and then they select the candidate who delivers the best answer. The main aim of this interview is to assess your social profile. It accesses your confidence in answering in front of certain people. When there are many people listening to you, mainly you get nervous. Due to the nervousness performance standards decreases.

Tip- Always remember that sometimes interviewers also lack credence in front of many candidates. Also, many candidates hesitate to speak in front of people. Hence, keeping these key points in mind will help you boost your morale. Hence, follow them while coming up for any group interview in the future.


Sometimes it happens that you prepare certain questions for the interview but those might not get asked. You might not know some of the answers as well. Hence, always be honest to the interviewer about your knowledge, experience, and skills. In this way, you will surely be able to crack any type of interview. Most importantly, do not get overconfident about any questions asked by the interviewer. Be calm and answer them politely. Remember even if you do not succeed in the interview, you will get to learn a lot from the same. Lastly, never feel hesitant to negotiate about the fiscal prospect with the hiring board.

Which Type of Interview have you appeared?

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This content is accurate and true to the best of the author’s knowledge and is not meant to substitute for formal and individualized advice from a qualified professional.

© 2020 Prateek Jain


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