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What Does You Are Fired Mean and Why People Get Fired From Jobs

Updated on April 5, 2020
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A living Entity with a quest to seek the truth, the whole truth and nothing but the truth.


I applied for a job.

The Interview went great and now I am hired

I slept with the boss’s daughter.

He hates my guts and now I am fired.

— Sir Clive Williams

Who Made Fired?

So let me get this clear. When one applies for any type of job and goes through the hiring process of sitting in front of one or more people and interrogated, then finally getting employed it is considered as being hired. So why is it when you lose that job it is said that you are fired? What does fire have to do with loosing ones job? Did a fire truck pull up at the business location and the staff flung inside it by the security guards? What really gives? I would think that the opposite of hired is “unhired.” Not in my wildest dreams would I have guessed that the opposite of hired is fired.

Who the heck coined this term and why do they use it in the working world? Well, According to some word historians the termfired out” was a phrase first recorded in 1871 and meant to throw out or eject a person from a place, although it was not necessarily from a place of employment. By 1884 the term had been altered and shortened to “fire” and referred to the dismissal of an individual from their job.

A Fired Tale

There is also a story about a well-known businessman who had a special way of dismissing his managers. This businessman would have that employees desk put on the lawn in front of the company headquarters and pour gasoline on the managers desk and light the desk. When the manager drove up at the company, he would see the desk on fire and right there and then he or she would know that they have just lost their job. In my own opinion, i am assuming some kind of truth to this story as I cannot fathom for any other reason why when someone gets dismissed from their job it is called ‘fired’.

You are Fired!
You are Fired!

Reasons Why People Get Fired

Well there are billions of reasons why your boss may fire you from your job. Well, I may have been exaggerating there a bit. But there are a lot of reasons why your boss will dismiss your employment. Let’s list a few:

You keep on making mistakes.

  • There is little room in the working world for mistakes. A mistake can cause a company to go bankrupt or even worse. A Mistake can cause someone to even lose their life. Let us say you are a doctor and is diagnosing a patent. You end up misdiagnosing and give the patient wrong medication which does more harm than good. This is a mistake that most doctors would regret making. Another scenario is you are a firefighter who drove to the wrong address to put out a fire while the house buns down elsewhere.

You Are a Habitual Late Comer

  • Works start at a particular time for most people. You get paid for those times. Progress is needed to make during certain hours of the day. If you are a habitual late comer, you are certainly putting yourself in the line of fire with your boss.

You Drink On the Job

  • This is a dangerous move and can lead to very bad mistakes and even someones death. Can you imagine a machine operator drunk at his station performing such critical operations? I can back the boss firing this drunkard 100%

You Do Crappy Work

  • Not all of us are meant to be employed. Some of us are simply met to surf the ocean and save whales. If you continuously do sloppy job and have bad work ethics, chances are you will become a liability to the company and your boss will suddenly have a great idea of bringing the company back on track by firing you and replacing you with someone competent.

Your Boss Hates Your Guts

  • Yep, if your boss hates you it is best start looking for another job elsewhere. That boss will do just about anything to put you in the line of fire. You may get so frustrated working at the company that you are just begging to be fired.

You Breached Companies Policy

  • Every organization has some policy or guidelines in which employees mus follow. You simply cant do other jobs for your companies biggest competitor and expect a slice of cake at this years Christmas party. Once you breach policy, the company reserves the right to terminate your employment at any time.

Your Social Media Status

  • OK, don't post dumb things on your social media pages. Don't bully or spew hate even if you believe it is justified. Don't take pictures in your companies shirt with seven bottles of beer smoking a joint while having a pistol in you hand pointing at a scared little puppy. Chances are that your statement or pictures will go viral and end up on the computer of your boss who will enjoy firing you for that.

So now that you know.

Unto your job you go.

Work well and stay hired.

Mess up and you will get fired.

— Sir Clive Williams

© 2020 Clive Williams


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