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What Employers Actually Wants

Updated on July 10, 2011
Communication Skills
Communication Skills

There are many incidences when you feel sorry after job interview and you might also think, “What was the real problem, despite of your achievements”. Yes, Employers always seek candidate for some basic yet important points.

Here are some of those basic yet important points that you need to work on.

1. Communication Skills

Whether verbal and written, you need to work out on your communication skills. It might look pretty basic but your communication skill actually imparts the message about your persona toward Employers.

2. Honesty

Your new employers seek your honesty toward your work and organizations (if you are applying for new jobs). A person also get penal tied for its dodgy past in spite of his skills and achievement.

3. Teamwork and Interpersonal Skills

Another important points that you need to work upon, if you are not able to work and relate with co-workers in your team than you are worthless for organization.

4. Motivation

You should able to motivate yourself and other co-workers in the tough times.

5. Initiative

You should enough fearless to take initiatives, whenever you are able to accomplish task. An Initiative taken by you in over confidence can cost you as well.

6. Strong Work Ethics

Work ethics should not misunderstand by the hard work, it also includes your approach toward the organization, being reliable, assessable and creating & maintaining healthy work environment.

7. Analytical Skills

You should able to analyze the problem or task given to you and able to provide feedback for improvisation in the project.

8. Flexibility

You should be flexible and adaptable toward the situation, your flexibility gives you edge in dealing with tough clients.

9. Self Confidence

Self Confidence is the mother of all skills; if you are not confident you are not worthwhile and also remember, you should not over confident also.

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