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What I wanted to be when I grew up vs. Who I am now

Updated on September 21, 2008

When I was 4 or 5, I told people that I wanted to be a teacher, a ballet dancer, and have lots of animals. My dreams at that time were based on what I saw around me: my dad was a teacher and my mom was studying to be one; I was taking ballet; I was allergic to furry animals but loved them.

As I got older, some of my goals changed a bit. In high school, I wanted to be a sternwheeler captain or work on a boat in some capacity. In middle school, I wanted to be an environmentalist/naturalist in the San Juan Islands in Washington state. Another of my dreams was to be a crafter and fabric artist, owning my own shop where people could create art in a community cafe.

Scandinavian dance group performing at the Oregon State Fair in 2008
Scandinavian dance group performing at the Oregon State Fair in 2008

Dream 1: Teacher

I did become a teacher, although not in the public school system. After getting my B.A. in Elementary Education, I worked three years in an unrelated field (data entry). I then worked for a few years as a preschool teacher in various places before deciding that wasn't what I wanted to do. Being a nanny appealed to me, but the families I worked for weren't the best matches.

I now teach Scandinavian dance and Norwegian language to children and adults through Sons of Norway, and have for the past four years. It is a perfect match for my talents and personality. I am glad that I achieved this dream, and kept my focus throughout the years.

Dream 2: Ballet dancer

I stayed with ballet into middle school, but then decided not to continue due to health problems. I now use my ballet background when teaching my Scandinavian dance classes.

Me with one of my cats
Me with one of my cats

Dream 3: Lots of animals

I outgrew my furry animal allergy somewhat, and adopted six cats. I also feed the local wildlife (squirrels, birds, feral cats, rabbits, a raccoon and opossum) in the backyard. My love of animals inspires my photography.

Dream 4: Sternwheeler captain or boat crew

I am petite, so this dream was more of a fantasy than something achievable. I still go to the beach every chance I get, to experience the water, wind, tides, and sand. It calms me and gives me peace.

Dream 5: Environmentalist/naturalist

I have built my life around environmentally-friendly practices. I recycle, reuse, and try to reduce the consumables I buy. I have become a vegetarian, although not a totally strict one. I educate myself about new products and trends before I subscribe to them, basing my decisions on long-term effects. I read world news from different sources, not just the local newspaper.

Photo taken by me.  Copyright 2008:  Trace Elements.
Photo taken by me. Copyright 2008: Trace Elements.

Dream 6: Crafter/fabric artist

I have achieved this goal, although I am still working on it. I am a semi-professional photographer, knitter, and rubber-stamper. I have a small website where I market my crafts and take custom orders, and a CafePress shop. I hope to do more with this when life circumstances permit.

I have also worked at two craft stores, helping others hone their artistic talents. I knit presents and clothes in my free time, sometimes donating them as well.

My dreams, from the very small to the all-encompassing, have guided my life. Believing in them, even when life seemed impossible, has given me focus over the years, and helped me become the person I am today.

Encourage dreams, because they shape the future.


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