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What I'm Continuing to Discover while on my Journey

Updated on June 12, 2017

Well There's a lot of Discoveries for Sure

While on my journey, there's been a lot to deal with, a lot of fighting for my work and the vision. Never imagined that there will be so many people who would try to tear down a dream. Perhaps some do so because of not living their own but for some competing is the reason why. Some may have "discovered" that they're being out shinned by others. Some are quite gifted and should allow their gifts to shine. It's certainly a very challenging "journey." Some are way too in tuned with what some are doing. Some of the time can be put into finding their own discoveries. It just doesn't make sense to spend days and nights trying to bring others down. Some trying to make sure that there's no elevation. Doesn't appear to be logical.

Although There are Many Storms I'm Still Rising

There has to be a desire to elevate in order to do so. Although there are many challenges along the journey. There's some peace in knowing that eventually there will be the biggest of breakthroughs. I'm still continuing on despite the challenges which have arise. "No amount of noise can make me=Tanikka Paulk want to stop." To think that some are so mentally challenged because of trying to pull others down. There should be more uplifting people but of course there's no way to control what others will do. No person should give up on their dreams just because some aren't willing to accept "the vision."

My Photo "Tanikka Paulk"

I'm Headed Somewhere oh yes

No matter what so many will say and do of course. I'm still going to continue on the path which will offer more than I Tanikka Paulk had before. The resistance has been there and some will continue to try different tactics in order to slow the process down. I'm continuing to believe in self and continuing to stay motivated. There's no reason why Tanikka Paulk should stop. Too many toss their dreams to the side because of the actions within society. It's unfortunate that so many aren't willing to accept that some will advance and there should be advancement. Perhaps misery is one of the reasons why so many choose to behave like crabs. Perhaps. I'm somewhere now and I'm continuing on. "Still feeling blessed."

Be Blessed in it all

There is joy in Knowing That Eventually There Will be the Coming Together

There will be connections and although the storms will come. There are breakthroughs. What God has stored up for me=Tanikka Paulk no man can take away. Man meaning mankind. I'm heading in a direction which will incur many blessing not only for myself but for others as well. That's right! Some may try to rain on the vision but with motivation, confidence, and determination a visionary can pursue greatness. The challenges can build strength and in fact the challenges have. i'm certainly still here for a reason. God has a plan for me=Tanikka Paulk and others as well. Some aren't courageous enough to pursue a vision or dream. Moving up!

Indeed I'm Blessed That's Right!

Blessed, blessed, blessed today and everyday my eyes and ears are working properly. I'm alive, there's sight, my mind is still in tact. There is hope and there's is blessings in store for Tanikka Paulk. No trouble is too much to bare and although it may appear as if the troubles are too difficult to manage. Through prayer, I'm able to continue on, and I'm continuing for the ones who continue to come up against others. My gift was given to me=Tanikka Paulk before birth and my calling has been confirmed.

Tanikka Paulk Photos "Let There be Peace"


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