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What Is Scent Marketing All About???

Updated on November 6, 2016

The Sweet Aroma Of The Movie Theater Has Scent Marketing Written All Over It.

So, have you ever noticed the aroma that hits your senses when you walk into a movie theater? The smells of sweet popcorn and other foods do not fill the air of the theater by accident. This is a subtle, yet very strategic and effective form of marketing.

Did you know that scent marketing is being used on you at this time? Why else would you consider paying outrageous prices for popcorn, candy, mini pizzas and drinks at the theater? Even before entering the doors, the sweet smell of the theater meets your nose, and before you know it, you are in line waiting to be served some goodies and snacks to munch on while enjoying a nice evening out at the movies.

Have you ever wondered why the scent of this food is so strong? Do you think that it is mere coincidence, because if popcorn is being popped all day, then surely the building will share this aroma throughout? Well, no!!!! There is no such thing. This is a tactic called scent marketing, that is designed with careful and deliberate intent, through something called scent machines.


What Are Scent Machines?

Scent machines are machines just what they sound like. Now, as they are machines that dispel various scents and smells, they are not your typical 'air freshener'. These scent machines serve a more industrial purpose, in that they cater to businesses trying to deliver specific fragrances throughout their establishments.

Scent machines are designed to handle large areas when delivering specific scents and can be built to suit. Meaning, that a business can have a scent machine designed to give off a certain kind of smell based on a particular theme, just like the popcorn theme at the theater. Just imagine other places you may have shopped that you now notice has a distinct smell to it.


How These Scent Machines Are Used In Scent Marketing

Scent machines are used as a scent marketing tactic to not only lure in consumers, but are also used as a means to an end. Basically, a company works with a developer of an industrial type of scent machine and derives a specific scent that caters to the theme of that business. Once established, a personalized scent machine is derived and used in a strategic manner, where the personalized scent is dispelled into the air during business hours.

The goal of the company can vary with regard to usage of these scent machines, but several main objectives include releasing such a cultured scent throughout the establishment during peak hours, when there is the most shopping traffic taking place. Also, the goal is to provide exceptional customer service during this time-if at no other time, in efforts of the consumer experiencing an amazing shopping experience during their visit. The theory behind this is that, while the consumer is experiencing great services throughout the business establishment, they will subconsciously connect that experience with the specific scent that fills the air of that establishment. In turn, a consumer will retain nothing but fond thoughts of such a business and be indirectly encouraged to return for more pleasant shopping experiences in the future. Not only that, but companies also hope that while these consumers are out and about engaging in regularly activities that fill their daily lives, they will associate any similar smell to that of their establishment and suddenly get filled with an urge to return to said establishment for another pleasant shopping experience.

To further the excitement, companies whom use this tactic also hope for perhaps one of the best methods of marketing to take place as a result. 'word of mouth!' Because many companies know that word of mouth is very important toward marketing, they strive toward delivering a pleasant smell throughout their establishment, accompanied by even more pleasant customer service, so that the consumer(s) are inclined to share that amazing experience with others, thus promoting more business for them.


Is Scent Marketing Cunning and Morally Wrong?

Some may say that the subtle and cunning tactic of scent marketing may be morally wrong. This is because these scents are released without one's conscious knowledge of intent. Also, some may feel endangered by a company purposely releasing certain scents throughout the air of an establishment, not knowing the repercussions of such actions, as some people may be sensitive and even allergic to certain smells and tastes. There is no agreement on this by the consumer in any case and that therefore leaves the consumer vulnerable when entering an establishment using such tactics.

Do You Think Scent Marketing Is Morally Wrong?

Do You Think The Subtle Tactic Of Scent Marketing May Be Morally Wrong?

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